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Apr 14, 2004
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I have a Dish 500 system, with an 811 and a 322. On the 322, I just noticed a channel 9950, labeled "RDRCT", that just displays text saying "You must have a second dish to view this channel. Dish Network will provide one free of any charges. Call..." The channel doesnt appear on the 811, though

What is the channel? :confused:


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Mar 2, 2004
It is a channel that's suppossed to be used as a re-mapper for the channels that someone would need a second dish to see. The 322 for some reason shows this channel in the EPG

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Nov 17, 2003
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If you have a local channel that is on a wing (61.5 or 148), when you tune to the channel, it shows the "you need a second dish to see this channel". It is on 9950, but maps itself to whatever channel requires the 2nd dish (ch 22 in the Mpls area as an example)

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