What is going on - were you hacked?

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Sep 30, 2005
I came to the main page and under "recent threads" say the title "I'm back....and an announcement to the FTA folks". I clicked on it and our work software blocked the redirect to another page - it was so quick that I could not copy the re-direct down. Went to the FTA forum and did not see the thread listed there.

Hope we did not get a virus

Seems fine here for me.What browser are you using?Also you may want to run a scan of your pc.I had issues the other day and thought it was site related,turns out it was something bundled with a program I had installed.
Strange. I get a message saying I'm not logged in even though I already am. When I try to register for the holiday party prizes, I cannot see the captcha images and get a message saying "invalid referrer."
Just checked it same thing happens for me with the likes/thanks menu.Looks like Bobby is having that issue as well.
Strange - I am thinking it is one of the embedded ads that is causing the problem. Access to threads is being blocked by our Fortigaurd software on a random basis. It is saying that this is "malicious website" but not all threads are like this. I am assuming that the ads are pushed randomly and this is where the problem is.

Any other thoughts?

Oops! it seems that while composing a message, Scott has answered the issue.
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Your company needs to update their Fortiguard software. I just check their database and the .com domain hasnt been listed since 2010. (We didn't obtain the .COM domain until early this year.)

I queried their database and they now list us as clean which tells me your definitions at work are way out of date. :D
Thanks Scott I will pass it on to my TSA and have it run up the chain. I personally do not like Fortiguard as they have implemented it - different rules for desktops/laptops and the wireless (personal devices).

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