What is the best priced dvb-s2 satellite receiver ? (1 Viewer)

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Jim S.

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Jan 2, 2006
carlospr43 said
I got mine recently with the HDS2-10-11-08:1026CM factory and NO tint issues at all!!

I wouldn't take that as a "yes". It apparently doesn't show up on all TVs, but I've certainly seen it with recent firmware.

Here's what I wrote about it recently:
It still looks yellow-green to me. I even tried switching the output from YUV to RGB, as someone on another board said worked for him a few versions ago, and it still looks the same. (BTW, if you switch to RGB, then the component output won't work -- unless you actually have a professional monitor or an old computer workstation monitor that's actually RGB instead of YUV, even though the plugs for YUV are still colored red green and blue.)

This green problem is the damnedest thing I've ever encountered in a digital device! First, if you're connected to the composite output and you have the receiver in an HD mode, the screen that it puts up on the composite output in SD that says it can't display anything DOESN'T have the green tint! Second, on the other board I mentioned, the owner says that he's tested the composite output on a wide range of monitors and TVs, and it looks green on some and fine on others -- in fact, he had more that were fine than were green! Third, I had to drag out an analog monitor to test it, because when I tried it on my digital monitor with analog inputs, it came up MONOCHROME!

(There is probably a clue somewhere in all that, but I don't have an oscilloscope or a waveform monitor or anything, let alone time to bother with it, and besides, NOBODY disputes that the problem was introduced with a certain firmware update, so it's mystifying that the developers don't know what they did!)
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Aug 28, 2007

So....what receivers decoded and overlaid the CC via HDMI/COMPONENT?

HDMI and Component outputs do not carry CC for external decoding and must be decoded and overlaid by the receiver on these video sources prior to outputting to the monitor.


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May 27, 2008
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Hello Carlos =), does that firmware has the other flaws? (couldn't run motor, couldn't decode AC3 properly except by HDMI, was a no go using C/Ku LNBFs, etcetera).


lassar said:
What is the best priced dvb-s2 satellite receiver ?

I have been waiting for DVB-s2 satellite receivers prices to go down.

For right now what is the best priced DVB-S2 satellite receiver.

Do you think now is the best time to buy or should I wait another 6 months to buy one?

I vote for OpenBoxS9, just do a quick search for OpenBoxS9 on google and you'll find the website of an authorized dealer for the US (i don't like ebay too much).

OpenBox like many other DVB-S2 STBs won't pass CC, though it can decode teletext on channels that have it. Not too long ago i made a thread in another forum on how to deal with CC if its imperative to have them but you're unable to read it because it won't pass it :) (i have a friend who is hearing impaired and benefited greatly from it).
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