What is the correct LNB for H24-700 receiver?

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  1. What is the correct LNB for H24-700 receiver? Receiver is new and I currently have a Slimline SL5 PIG-Z.

    Please help!!

  3. How many cables come from the LNB on the dish? 1 or 4? If 4, you have a legacy lnb and you will require a b-band converter to use the H24. If only one, cable, you have a SWM lnb and you will need a power inserter to provide power to the swm lnb. Either LNB will work, you just have to make sure the configuration in Satellite setup matches the type of LNB you are using.
  4. Thank you for your response. I have one cable.
    The story is this: My property was a hit by lightning and fried the old style receiver thus the H24 replacement. The old setup had the SL5 PIG-Z LNB and B-Band converter.
    I replaced the RG6 and tried both the b band and H24 to no avail. Methinks I now need to get a new LNB.
    SO: Must I use the same exact LNB ? What should or can I use? Can you tell I'm new to this?? Taking a crash course here!

  5. SL5 PIG-Z LNB

  6. With that particular recvr, you can go either way ... SWM (and a PI) is the way I would go as its set up for future recvrs.
    Or you can use the other option without the PI and use the Slimline set up (one with 4 cables and a BBC )

    Is this the ONLY recvr in the set up ?
  7. Yes, only one receiver and one TV as it is a summer home.
    SO: Must I use the same exact LNB ? This is the part I don't understand. Since I have both the power inserter and the b band converter I should be covered right? My suspicion is the LNB is damaged and I must replace it.
  8. There are multiple SWM LNBs out there, any of them will work ... so to answer the question, No.
    Same goes for the Slimline ones.
  9. So this Slimline SL3 will work and I would use it with the Inserter P121R1-03 SWM ODU Only ?

  10. Yes.

    Single input, SWM, when you set it up with the PI, the PI will supply the proper voltage to the LNB, the recvr will see the SWM LNB and automatically detect it, making it so you cannot change to the Non SWM (as long as its hooked up.)

    No BBC with this set up.
    This also will allow you to move it to the home without re configuring it each time ....
    I'm gonna presume you are using a SWM LNB at home as well.
  11. Thank you Jimbo, you have been very helpful.
    I can get this one by tomorrow.....this will work as well right?

  12. That one will work, too. It also requires a power inserter. Either 21 or 29 volt model is fine.
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  13. Thank you Chip!!
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  14. Glad to help, and :welcome to Satelliteguys!
  15. Thanks Chip,
    Been a long few days, just got on today.
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  16. I figured you were busy, you haven't posted all day. That's not like you!
  17. Work does call .... lol
  18. Work? What's that? :)
  19. Thanks Jimbo, I appreciate it! I'll let you both know he result in a few days
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  20. Ya, I got about 3-4 more years ...
  21. Gentlemen,

    This was quite a journey! The new LNB worked and a suspicious cable was replaced as well. Your help was greatly appreciated... I needed direction/confirmation/confidence to get it done.

    Thank you so much!
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  22. Thats what most of us are here for ...
    You got questions, someone will likely have an answer.
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