What is the Recommended Network Hookup for a 1Hopper/2 Joey Setup (1 Viewer)

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Sep 8, 2003
The loyalty department talked me into upgrading my Vip722k, and two Vip211 equipment setup to a new Hopper/2 Joey setup which was installed last Saturday. I've already found that because 'Prime Time Anytime' doesn't record the CW network, there are a few nights when we don't have enough tuners to record some of the shows we usually record. That's something I'll need to take up with Dish. We are also having problems with watching TV through the Joey's at night (keep getting a message that they are looking for the Hopper) so Dish is coming out today to fix that.

My question is this, which is the best way to hook up my home network to the Hopper/Joey system? I have a wired Cat5e drop at each location (each drop comes from my Gigabyte router and goes into a Gigabyte switch). When the installer first setup the Hopper, he plugged the network cable to the Hopper. It saw my DLNA server (Mezzmo) so that was good. He then installed the Joey's and one Joey connected to the network but the other one didn't. He then installed a HIC just before the Joey that wasn't seeing the network and still had problems. We tried a different patch cable and things started working.

My question is this, should I continue to use the HIC or should I remove the HIC and attach each device (Hopper & Joey's) to a switch? What is the best way to connect my equipment to my home network?
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