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Jun 16, 2006
I have recently visited the AAD website. There is a messge there indicating that changes are coming in this year. It urges everyone to contact their Congresmman and Senators. I believe this deals with the area of DNS and maybe significantly viewed channels. Does anyone know what Congress is trying to do? Can we do anything to get a favorable bill?


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Mar 19, 2008
No DNS servers are not subject to U.S. federal laws due to the fact that they are in Domain Name Servers...the keyword being Servers....there is nothing that can be done by the Federal Government regarding servers.


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Aug 5, 2004
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Guys, hes not talking about DNS as in domain name servers. He's talking DNS, Distant Network Service. Right now dish is barred from offering DNS, you have to go through a third party wich I cant remember. Im sure some one will post it. Basically they will enter your zip and it will determin if you can get it or not. Chances are if your locals are on satelllite then you wont get DNS.


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Dec 5, 2003
AAD = All American Direct
NPS = National Programming Service

With AAD you qualify to receive Atlanta & San Francisco distant network channels if you live outside the Grade B signal for your local channels. Another option is if you have an RV.

It doesn't matter if you subscribe to Cable, E*, or D* and receive your local channels from them or not. Or even if D* gives you NY & LA distants. They operate independantly of each other.

So it is possible to have your locals from Dish Network, NY & LA from DirecTV, and San Fran & ATL from AAD.

I have my locals from Dish Network and San Fran & Atlanta from AAD.

I know of at least two people that have their locals, San Fran, ATL, NY & LA.

The only things I can think of on the new law are significantly viewed channels possibly being added and the next time the SHIVRA act expiring.


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Jun 7, 2004
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AAD is talking about the digital conversion. The argument that they are making is that if you are wavered for the CBS station WRGB channel 6 - you are not necessarily waivered for its digital equivalent let's say WGBG-DT channel 38. As a result you could lose your analog station when it becomes a digital one. They are arguing that the law does not equate the analog and digital equivalent of a channel as being the same channel, so you need to requalify for the digital version when the analog goes dark.

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Jan 21, 2004
The concern is that after the digital conversion, the only qualification for networks will flip to the digital-only qualification. However, none of the systems are presently setup for digital-only qualfication.

The issue is there is no legislation in front of Congress to fix this impending problem. So of course AAD/NPS want this addressed; it may help their bottom line if the transition to a digital-only qualification is completed quickly, as digital reception may be harder. Then again, if the rules for digital-only qualification involved making sure over-the-air reception is constant without breakups, then it helps their cause.

And let's not forget that NPS/AAD are also due in court regarding how they ended up with Dish Network's distant network business. An unfavorable decision may end up with AAD/NPS being forced off of Dish Network. The decision should occur sometime this year.

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