What to do about my dead VIP622 HD error 311. Which option can/should I choose?


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Feb 28, 2012
My VIP622 has a dead HD. Error 311. I can still watch live TV. I'd like to not fool with repairing it, and just throw on an external USB. That will give me much quicker reapair time, and a larger HD than if I got it repaired. Can I plug in a New External HD, call Dish, and have it work, or is there a chance it won't work b/c my HD is already dead?
If your HD is dead, you can replace it with a new HD of the same type. Those are hard to come by these days. I might have one lying around if you want me to check. If it is leased, go ahead and call dish and they should swap out with a 722 or something for free.
But I'd like to have a 2TB drive. And external is the only way to do that. I'd probably prefer a 2TB over getting a new unit. Is my external idea possible without repairing the 622?
Nope, you need to record to the receiver's hard drive then transfer to the external one. Your receiver needs to be replaced.

He is correct. The External solution is not good at all. Very slow. The second point to note is that you cannot buy a 1TB internal and make it work. You'll have to specifically buy an internal drive with the correct model for it to work. You can however upgrade the hard drive to this (ST3500830SCE) model to get 500gb instead of the native 350 gb.
If you think the "Ext" option under Type when you set a timer, that refers to a device that no longer exists. You can set it and it looks like it will record, but nothing happens. Every few months, someone thinks they have found a hidden option. I was one of them several years ago.

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