What to do with (2) DP301 Receiver system?


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Feb 22, 2004
I just had my one year contract with Dish end and I still have my (2) DP301 receivers and cards (no balance) with remotes all in excellent condition. I also have the dish. I am moving to a new apartment and can't take it with me. What should I do with it? Sell it on Ebay? Should I sell the dish or is that not worth anything? How much can I get for all of it? Thanks.

Did you get it on a lease program like DHP or did you buy it? If you leased it then Dish wants the receivers and the LNB off the dish back. If you own them you can sell them all on EBay :D Yes, even the dish is worth something. Take a look and see the kinds of prices people are getting for those items. You will almost surely get back what you paid for them a year ago and then some!
E-bay them unless you might be using them in the next year.

Unless, of course, you are on the Dish Home Plan. Then call Dish to send them back.

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