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May 22, 2008
I'm new to this forum and I tried to do some searches to see if there was anything pertinent to my question but didn't come up with much so I apologize in advance if I missed something.

Tomorow an installer will be out to upgrade me to a HD-only package with locals. My existing receiver is a 322 and it is being upgraded to a VIP222 for a 2 TV setup (second tv is SD). I don't know what my dish hardware is but it is about 3 1/2 years old and serves a similar setup except that currently both TVs are SD of course.

My question is whether a dish upgrade is in order in addition to the receiver and what should I be looking for there in terms of state of the art equipment. Or, will just repointing my existing dish suffice or be necessary? I'd like to have some sort of checklist to give my wife to go over with the installer because I won't be there. I'm hoping that my existing mount can be re-used because the existing dish is in a good location.

As far as I can tell, my locals are not yet available in HD but I do want to be set up for that when they do come. I can get some of them via an OTA antennae.

I'm in central PA and my zip is 17055.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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Jared Twomey

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Supporting Founder
Mar 7, 2005
Tacoma, WA
maybe someone closer to your area will chime in with what satellites your locals are on... but most likely the dish will have to be upgraded. Unless you have a dish now pointed at the 129 satellite.

They will most likely upgrade the Dish to either the Dish 1000.2, or the Dish 1000+, depending on whether or not you need the 118.7 satellite.


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Mar 29, 2004
The South
I am sure the installer will get you hooked up. Just have your wife look at the HD channels and make sure they are looking good and that they are all there. I upgraded an SD receiver this week to an HD DVR. I had to get the 621 since Dish has a 4 tuner limit. The installer had to go back and change my switch from a 34 to 44 though. But its all up and running fine.
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