What would you like to have Dish do about HDTV programming


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It's said that Dish management looks at this web site. If that's the case lets give them an idea of what their customers would like to see occur with the shuffling of HD channels and new programming. So place your vote and let see if Dish listens to us.
OK, I say leave Events and PPV on the wings and add Starz and Cinemax to 110. Franklu the events channel is a waste of bandwidth, it hasn't shown anything for months and now will do a NBA game every now and then. Except for the occasional game that's bandwidth that's just sitting there not being used. With bandwidth tight they should be putting only channels with 24x7 content on 110.

As for PPV, I've only ordered one HD PPV channel in over two years. Either there's nothing out there that I'd watch or I forget about something coming on that I wanted to watch but missed it. I did want to watch LOTR-TT but just when I ready to do it, PPV from 61.5 goes away.
Leave averything as is (as of the Dec 19 final design)

That will put all current HD on 110.

This will be called AMERICAS TOP 5 HDTV $9.95

Put all new HDTV on the Wings Bravo, USA, Cinemax, IND1, IND2, and anything else that comes along (there is about 12 that could be added right now). See list


This will be caleld AMERICAS TOP20 HDTV $19.95

But for a limited time, till the Top 20 has more channels everyone gets the Top 20 HDTV at no extra cost IF they have the Top5 $9.95

Costs to add the 2nd SAT to view the Top 20 will NOT be free, but it will be at a reduced cost.
addition to the HD list

on your list, you are missing CTV HD , CBC HD and CITY. They are all on 82 degree Expressvu!!!
Re: addition to the HD list

yipikyer said:
on your list, you are missing CTV HD , CBC HD and CITY. They are all on 82 degree Expressvu!!!

We're having enough trouble getting USA content vs also having to worry about programming from over the boarder ;)
Move HBO, Showtime and PPV to 110. Add Starz! to 110. Leave HD Events on wings, as it does not have programming very often. Add INHD1/2, TMC, Cinemax and Bravo HD+ to wings.

Looking at 61.5... They could move the the business channels, HDTV Demo and the in-house channels to 121. Also they could then rearrange some of the channels to free up about 2 to 4 transponders. Wouldn't this be enough room for between 4 to 8 HD channels on there?
Put it wherever they want, just put it up now. And put up all that is available, whether Charlie want it or not.
I agree about the hd special events channel,it's a waste
of bandwidth.I've had the HD pak for 3 months and have
had two Dallas Mav's games,which were blacked out in
Phoenix.Dump this and put something real in it's place.
I am all for increased HD programming. I would rather see dish start making all of these HD programs available and later worry about where they reside.
justalurker said:
What a blasphomous link! Charlie himself said there were no more HD channels available. ;) :rolleyes:

And we all KNOW that Charlie wouldn'f fib.

Hmm, do you think we all should send Charlie the link so that HE can see what is available. It could be that the engine doesn't know what the caboose is doing. :p
Do you really think most of the people that watch the chat actually search on the net or come here to see what HD channels are available? No, they believe what Dish tells them, so to most of the people out there, they think that they have everything that is possible to get. In other words they lie to make their customers think they are getting all that they can get that there is no better choice out there for HD. Isn't this a form of false advertisement? Can't they get into trouble for this? If someone recorded that and sent it to the appropriate place I am sure Dish would be in some real heat.
Stargazer said:
If someone recorded that and sent it to the appropriate place I am sure Dish would be in some real heat.
I believe the key words were "available to them". Perhaps by some fluke of nature no other HD providers are cooperating? Not likely.

BTW: Based on pushing all CONUS transponders at 119º and 110º to 12 SD channels, and resorting the audio a bit on 119º ...

E* has room for 19 SD channels at 119º and 33 SD channels at 110º (about 8 more HDs unless they put up more Dish500 locals than LyngSat already has on the charts).

Being kind to PQ and allowing for an average 11 SDs per CONUS transponder, they have room for about 3 SD at 119º and 14 at 110º. Just enough space for two more HD channels at Dish500.

Which two of the available channels will provide the most revenue?

jerryez said:
Put it wherever they want, just put it up now. And put up all that is available, whether Charlie want it or not.
I agree. I couldn't give a rat's ass where he sticks it just so long as it's put up there.
Still, if Charlie won't even admit that it exists then how can anyone expect him to put it up at all?
In regards to PPV, who cares. At $6 a pop it's a rip off. I'd rather pay half that to rent a DVD cuz the difference in PQ does not justify paying twice the price for PPV, to me anyway.
I support stick them on 61.5 or 110, whatever. Just stick them up there and make them available to all who want to install the equipment and pay for the service.

Looking for
INHD 1&2,
Starz HD Cinemax HD
Spice HD
My first choice is StarzHD because of their unique exclusives as an alternative to my current Showtime and HBO

Let us pay for what we want!
I would expect Starz HD, Cinemax HD as part of the AEP or part of their respective prem movie packages.

I would expect to pay extra for INHD1 & 2
I would expect to pay extra for Spice or Playboy HD

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