What's the deal Dish charging for the 811 with no prod.


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Sep 16, 2003
Well just like the rest of you. I was sched. Tues between 8and12 and this evening get the dreaded phone call from DRS. They told me no install for atleaset 2 weeks. The thing that really ticks me off is dish has already charged my credit card for it and i have NO PRODUCT. I thought that was illegal to do.
My CC hasn't been charged yet and they put me off for another week for my 811 install. I would not have ANYTHING charged to my CC without services being rendered. I would call them....
I was charged already for mine, and was just rescheduled from today (they didn't show up or bother to call), to this sunday...if it gets prolonged anymore, I will call my credit card and dispute the charges...and yes, it is illegal if they don't initiate the process, but since they put in a "word order", that's probably some legal way of getting your money up front even though they know you won't receive your product for a while...
are you sure that its a charge and not a hold ?

You tell me

Reference: 32xxxx900023xxxxx
I'm just a little north of you in Brooksville,FL. I'm scheduled for Wednesday morning. How far in advance did you get your call? What does DRS stand for? I'm not sure who the installer is for me.

I was charged on my account for two 508's (when that deal was out) just to find out that the deal was not approved two weeks later after being told that it was already shipped out but no tracking number could be given out, but everytime I would call I would get different answers. It was VERY frustrating. Some pretty bad customer service if you ask me. I was even hung up on after being on hold for who knows how long trying to get the deal.
I got the dreaded call last night. Digital Reception Services called and said Dish has not sent them the 811's they've been selling to everyone. They were supposed to be here for the 8-12 appointment today, but they didn't bother to call until 5pm yesterday. How can Dish Network and all these contract companies they work with run a business like this?

So, I'm rescheduled for the 12/22 - ok I can wait...but I paid that $149 on my debit card - that money could be working for ME the next 12 days instead of the Dish Network - heaven knows I need it worse!!!

Thanks Charlie - have a great holiday!!

If you use a credit card to buy the receiver, it is ILLEGAL for Dish to charge the credit card before they ship the receiver. A call to your credit card company will fix this problem, but you will have to do the "legwork" to make it happen.

I do not know what the rules are for a Debit card.
With charging your account, credit or debit card, when you pay that way, you cannot say that you did not authorize the charge because the bank will tell you that you will have to sue or deal with the company that charged you? I know thats how it is with a debit card anyways but you may have more protection with a credit card.

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