When Can I order the Superdish ? I'm in Mobile AL


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Sep 25, 2003
I was wondering when I can place my order for a Superdish. I want the superdish so I can get HBO and Show HD. I don't care about locals cause I am a HD Junkie. Can I order the Superdish with locals and at50 for 1 year and downgrade and remove locals . Didn't they also say if you got the HD package for one year that you would get a free super dish . When I ordered my 6000 they said I would get a free Second dish for show, Hbo and PPV HD movies but I never got one . Do I need to wait to call or can I do it today ?
Orders are not being taken for the SuperDISH for HD reception yet. They are only taking orders for the SuperDISH if you live in an area where locals are being offered via the SuperDISH.
Well next week locals will be availble here. Can I order it then or do I need to call my contact at corporate about it ? I would even take a free second dish at this point .
Yes you need to order it after the locals are made available in your area. :) Dish Networks computers don't let CSR's see whats coming down the line.

Imagine all those locals NOW on the SuperDISH and no one can see them.

I am happy to hear that some customers are getting installed now with SuperDISH's lets hope the HD stuff is opened up soon. :)
Call your local installer in Mobile. He can put on his install list and install the Free Superdish, when he gets them in, (you do not need to go thru Dish CSR to place an order). Panhandle Sat. in Pensacola has me 1st on their list after they get the Superdish in. The distributor in Atlanta has them and will ship some to Panhandle next week. Locals are susposed to be available on Nov 20th at the present promise.
Thanks for info . I have no idea who my installer was that installed my system 3 years ago . Can I get anyone too install it for free ?
Any Dish authorized installer. Dish has a list on their website. Try this link:

1 more day to go before I can order superdish . I am still having trouble finding a local installer that will do it for free :(

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