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Jul 6, 2009
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Is there an advanced troubleshooting guide for a Hopper 2? How about the suggested time to simply replace the unit based upon symptoms that MAY indicate impending hard drive failure? Have the initial technical issues of the Hopper 3 finally panned out? Here is some background...

I have an almost four year old Hopper 2 with Sling that has always exhibited little operational/programing quirks and is now increasing in it's unreliability. The symptoms are:

- Some timed programing randomly stop several minutes early in the recording.
- Timers/recordings that my family never would have programmed spontaniously pop up and have to be deleted.
- Random pixelation of some programs (sometimes fixed by moving a few seconds forward/backward, sometimes permanent).
- Occasional no response to waking up the receiver or to remote control commands once operating (corrected with a reset).

I have tried resetting to default settings only once with more overall inconvenience than this maintenance procedure was worth. So, any other suggestions to correct my Hopper 2? Otherwise, what's your opinion on the Hopper 3?

Should I go for an upgrade to a Hopper 3, what is the suggested route to buy one; through DishTV or independently? DishTV will charge me $195 ($100 for equipment and $95 tech install fee, which I am more than capable of myself). The cheapest that I have found online is about $205. Maybe $10 is worth the possible internal DishTV equipment changeover hassles.

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I still wouldn't buy. Not going to save on monthly bill. Yes, on installation.

Personally, I'd unplug the current Hopper for a couple minutes and see if that helps. And maybe just get a replacement, like for like, Hopper.

I, without any knowledge other than what I read in the articles I write, suspect a new Hopper version will be announced in January.

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