Where can I get a 508?


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Sep 15, 2003
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Does anyone know where I might pick up an old 508. I have no desire to have any "DVR" charges other than the 921 when I get it.

Plenty of retailers still have them. We have 8 left. Just call your local retailer. If you can't find one, let me know.
You can also go to http://www.satelliteguysstore.us and click on Contact us, I am sure Claude would be happy to quote you on a 508. :)
The local guy I have used in the past to purchase my 6000 from doesn't have one. When I ordered one for my father-in-law a few months ago, they only charged me $149. Is it possible I could get it for that price? Or, since the announcement of DVR fees has the price on the 508 gone up?

There is a promotion for a $199 upgrade, but you need to purchase it from your original dealer. Otherwise, my guess is you might be able to find a refurb for $270.
From the pricing I've seen its a beter deal to go with the 510 for $99 with a 2 year commitment. If you pay 300 for a 508 it would take 40 months of savings (40 times $5 a month). By then there will be a new type receiver out or you could sell the 510 for $150 or so in 40 months?
In addition that is delivered and installed no sales tax for $99 and it has more storage.
There is a particular reson I want the 508. My mom is wanting to sign up with Dish and she can get the initial 2 receiver deal and have one in her bedroom. With the promotional, her bill will be just a shade less than what her cable bill was (package will consist of AT150 (and yes, it has to be the AT150 because she wants Hallmark channel plus a couple of other that are only available on AT150) and locals). However, after the promotional period, her bill will go up to a little more than what her cable bill was. What I plan on her doing is losing the 2nd reciever and just running a split cable from a 508 ( no DVR fees) to the tv in her bedroom. Therefore, all she has to do is carry her remote to her bedroom if she wants to watch tv in there. I know this doesn't sound like a big deal because she will have much better picture quality and more than double the number of channels, but to todays senior citizens more money is more money and less money is less money, regardless of what you got.
Maybe the 522 coming out would be a good choice. The $5 DVR fee being charged would be made up for the money you save on not being charged the $5 additional outlet fee. The price of this receiver is going to be $399 but I am hearing when it comes out Nov.1 that it will only be available for those getting DHP but am not sure if that is true or not.

Yes, it does seem like a better deal getting the 510 for $99 vs. $299 if you go and buy it retail but you can find them used for a bit cheaper than this (perhaps $150-$200) and get the $1.99 warranty to cover failure if that were to happen.

Based on buying them new you would save enough on the hardware with the $99 deal to get 40 months worth of DVR service in which is a lot but compared to what you can get it used for you would get 10-20 months worth of DVR service in which is still a good bit. Buying the 510 for $99 you could probably get that back out of it used so it just depends on how you look at it.
I have one For Sale. Check my Post in the Classified Forum!


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