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Sep 26, 2003
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Ok guys!. I need some advice.

A couple of months ago I got a new 50" Sony Grand Wega LCD HDTV and
I am really wanting to move into the HDTV world.

Listed below is my current DishNetwork setup:

Dish 500 system

3 - 301 receivers. ( One in bedroom, TV room and bedroom)

1- Dish mounted to roof.

I am currently a DHP customer and have been for 15 months.

Subscribe to AT150, local channels and HBO.

I am wanting to purchase the 811 receiver soon as possible and
will also like to upgrade to SuperDish.

Here are my questions:
If I upgrade to SuperDish will I still be able to use my 301 receivers? Will new cables need to be run. I currently have separate cables ran to each receiver.

Could I go ahead and purcahse the 811 but use my current Dish?

Will the SuperDish be able to be mounted to the roof.

I sure would like to get HD up before Thanksgiving. We are having a lot of family and friends over and would like to watch the Dallas Cowboys in HD. :D

Any advice or help would be great
You can quit the DHP and buy new receivers or you can rent a 811 also. They should be offering promos soon (november). Right now there are a few HD channels on 110 I believe, but there will be more on 105 on the superdish. All the ones on 110 will eventually be just on 105. If you upgrade to the superdish, you will most certainly be able to use your 301s, no new cable runs are needed. The superdish is said to be best mounted on the ground because of it's size.

So in short, yes buy a 811 and you can watch HD now (when the 811 is available) on your current Dish system.
Thanks for the responses. I guess I will get on the waiting list for the 811

From what I understand Dish will be offering a 811/Superdish package.
Hopefully we will have some offical info soon.

Thanks again. I cannot wait until wait to jump into the HD world :D
Stargazer said:
And the SuperDish has four outputs in which means the DP-34 switch will be able to go to four receivers.

I figured the SD had 3 outputs, one per LNB. What's the fourth?
Inputs are for the orbital slots (3) and Outputs are going to the receivers (4) therefore its a DP-34 switch. The first number indicates how many orbital slots it supports. Next year a DP+44 is coming out that will support foure orbital slots.

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