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Oct 3, 2006
I know I have seen this posted before, but I could not find it.

I have a few shows that are new and have the wrong original air date. For example on SYFY Lost Girl is new on 1/16 @ 10pm. But, I have a conflict and the show should record the reply at midnight, but the original air date for all the replays is 9/12/10 and is being skipped for a not being a new episode.

I have a few more like this including on BBC Jamie’s American Road Trip. And a lot of Simpsons on a local channel with N/A. My question is where can I report these errors? I know Dish gets the guide data from Tribune, so is there someway to contact Tribune?

Not sure where to report, but as long as Tribune Media reports the wrong data, the guide will be wrong no matter how many reports are received...
You could also PM one of the DIRT (names are in red) members and report it to them. Most likely if the guide info is coming from Tribune there's nothing much DISH can do about it.
I know Dish really can not do anything if they are getting info from Tribune, but maybe find a new provider.

I thought I seen a while back how to report problems to Tribune. I am sure the problems I see will not be fixed right away, but might help in the future.

I guess I was wrong and this a great example of garbage in, garbage out....
The problem is the guide data is technically correct. The first airings are US premieres with US premiere date, but the repeat has the original air date, which is usually when these shows originally first aired in their home countries, UK, Canada or Australia. Jamie's American Road Trip actually aired several years ago and these are just first time airings for BBC America. Most online databases have the country of origins original air date which is what Tribune has.
Yes it is, but as ossu1991 pointed out, it originally aired in the UK on 9/12/10 and that is what date you're seeing except for the first run which is the one marked "new." Typically a timer for "new episodes" will not get a repeat airing of a "new episode" later the same day as it's only marked "new" the first time.

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