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Mar 5, 2005
I live in Birmingham Alabama. The ABC station here is 33 from Tuscaloosa and 40 from Anniston Alabama. The stations name is 33/40as it is the same thing on both. ( ABC 33/40 News - Alabama's News Leader ) Until recently both were near impossible to get over the air in Birmingham as one was about 50 miles one way and the other was 50 in the opposite direction, 33 Never came in here but 40 sometimes worked and had Electronic program guide "EPG" info for the over the air signal when it did making recording OTA with my 722 possible. Well recently 33 did an upgrade and comes in great as in almost 100% signal all the time. Problem is The EPG info is not there for 33. This makes it imposible to record anything.

Who do I need to contact to get the EPG data for 33/40 that is already there for 33/40 on Dish and 40 over the air to be linked to the 33 OTA signal also?


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Feb 17, 2005
Colome, SD
Basically you are out of luck on this. If your OTA station has the same call letters as the dish delivered one you will get the program guide, otherwise no.

The CBS/ABC/PBS dish delivered stations I get are 150 miles away. OTA I get all of these from full powered translator stations which of course carry identical programming. They have different call letters so no guide. Dish says it's not possible to give me the guide for my OTA stations. I see no reason they couldn't, they just don't want to be bothered for the few of us in this position.

You can record the OTA stations but you will have to set up manual recordings for them (time and station, like with a VCR).


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Nov 5, 2009
I think there are no problems NOW seeing the guide data on the Pal Plus or the Pal DVR ota. Maybe I am watching 40... I can look tonite and let you know if you like. 33/40 finally seems to have their signal problems worked out for about the last month. Sad though, I can pick up some Montgomery stations pretty well with the back of my antenna.

Oh, must have mis-read your post finally noticed you said "info for the over the air signal when it did making recording OTA with my 722 possible", disregard most of what I typed. Call 33/40 and ask for engineering. They are doing a lot better for the last month, maybe they are already working on it.

I never got locals from Dish so I do not know how the Dish guide handles them.

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