which to keep-Dish or Directv?


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Sep 19, 2003
I started my hd programming way back when Dish and Directv offered different hd channels. I have my main total package from Dish, along with Showtime HD and HBO HD, and had Directv for HdNet at first, and now for the HD package of Discovery et al. This is before the HD package was offered by Dish.

I had been paying the $9.95 for Discovery HD alone from Dish when Directv offered their hd package (which we all know included Discovery HD) for a dollar more.

I am grandfathered into the Directv package with my basic Limited package so I pay just $9.95 for it plus the $10.95 for the HD package. Directv is raising my rate another $3 for a total of $24 monthly for the HD package.

Obviously, I can add the HD package on to my current programming from Dish at a lesser cost ($13/month lower). I am holding on to the Directv in case they add some new HD channels before Dish does.

But I am also tired of having my HD channels on 2 separate guides. (I also have BEV for the locals so I now actually have to switch among 3 guides.)

I am inclined to give up Directv but hate giving up my grandfathered Limited package just in case Directv is the first to offer new HD channels.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

From the past (yet brief ) HD offerings of the two services it seems that one will follow the lead of the other and match the offering ,who will make the next move remains to be seen! Is there anything in your Direct limited package that Dish doesn't have that you really must have?

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