White line across top of TV with OTA locals


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Apr 4, 2004
With my 811, I have an OTA outdoor antenna for locals out of Milwaukee. All the way across top of image is a white line that kind of flickers up and down slightly. It only appears to happen on NBC digital channel, which has black bars on all four sides of image. If image could be moved up about 1/2" it wouldn't be seen. Anybody have any ideas, the line is driving me crazy. Could it possibly be the TV network's problem? Thanks.
I believe those white lines are the closed captioning data. I can see it on my stations when i'm in the EPG, but not in normal viewing. So either your stations don't have the data in the field of the picute, or your TV has been decreased in overscan
My 811 does that as well. It's only seen on my ota's through the 811. When watching my ota without the 811 they do not appear. I've asked tech at dish about this (each week I call in to report recurring problems) thehy say it is not a known problem and that they have no record of me complaining about it in the past.
As of this week I no longer receive my ota's using the 811 in dolby digital-that as well is not a problem with the receiver according to tech support.
Lines in the picture.

I had my installer swap out my 811 at the time of install because of the lines in the picture. It took a couple of days to get the repalcement unit but the new one didn't have the lines.
John Doe #2, white lines

I tried the reset but it comes back after you change channels and then return. I get it on CBS & NBC out of Milwaukee. Are you getting the white lines on all your local channels? If it is the 811, wouldn't I get the lines on all the OTA channels? Is there a way to shift my OTA picture up slightly, because the black bar is taller on bottom of image than on top? Thanks for any help.
I believe I got the white dashed line only from the SD outputs, when tuned to a digital OTA channel. I don't think I've seen them from the DVI or Component outs. (I used to use the SD outputs for VCR recording. Unnecessary now that I'm using a DVR.)
I’m a Newbie here so I did a search for my 811 problem which is close to this one.
I’m getting a white line when watching HD letterbox on my Sanyo 4:3. Every time there are commercials. I’m also seeing this white line when HBO HD is showing a 4:3 show. I have tried the front reset and the 6-1-9 HD picture adjustment to no luck. I did call Dish twice, once last week and then again Friday, I was told by ATCS that this is a first and they need to file a report before I can get an exchange 811 and call back in a week. I’m scared that this might cause a burn it to my TV, a Sanyo 32744 – direct view CRT. What if anything can I do? I have been with Dish since 1997 and this is the way I get treated.
The 811 is ONLY two weeks old.

Line 21 is the closed caption and in NTSC (analog) tv is out of the "safe area", meaning it is hidden. In SD there is no such thing as Safe Area... everything is seen. Now, because of this, HD and SD receivers can mask line 21, but that information must legally be there.

It is possible for this information to appear lower that that, but I won't go into VTR maintenance and alignment or syncronizers here.

Is this a known problem with the 811 tuner since the TV's HD tuner doesn't do it?
From what I read the 811 might be out of alignment. Will this cause burn in?
Next time I call Tech I'll let them know it's most likely the CC line.

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