Who Has Ever Received A Reply From Dish CEO?


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Nov 6, 2003
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:( I've written a few emails to CEO, DishPQ & DishTech recently about the overcompression of HDNET Movies and the only reply I ever receive is the typical canned response from Tech about using a Stat Mux. :(

Luckily they have quit doing whatever experimenting they've been doing and HDNET Movies was back to it's pristine quality last night. :yes

Dish, if you are reading this, PLEASE DON'T MUCK AROUND WITH HD! :no
I have written a few letters, and have had good responses on them.

As far as compression on HDNET/HDMovies there should be none at this time. They have 2 on a transponder doing just over 40mbit/sec. The signals are passed through as they come from HDNET/Movies.
Yes, AT THIS TIME there is no overcompression but over the past 2 weeks this channel suffered from it bigtime. I first noticed it with The Shawshank Redemption about 2 weeks ago and everything I tuned in after that was overcompressed. I watched Wild Things again a couple of nights ago and it looked awful compared to a few weeks ago.

Last night Lone Wolf McQuade looked pristine, so they are goofing around with trying to cram 3 channels/transponder or something. Maybe nobody else noticed because they are not viewing it on a large screen. With an 8' screen, the smallest glitches and anomalies are readily apparent.

I'm hoping my email had an effect because I got so sick and tired of Dish overcompressing their SD channels I dropped them all. If they continue to mess with the HD Pack, I will drop it as well. I'm getting Voom tomorrow (no, I am not watching their SD stuff, so don't tell me how bad it is compared to Dish, thanks) but keeping the DIsh HD pack, I have to have HDNET.
I'm not saying that dish has not been over compressing the signal for HDNet, but if the feed dish is getting is not as good as it could be dish cannot fix it.
It's not the feed that Dish is getting. Mark Cuban has said many times that they deliver a full bitrate signal and the effects I saw were the same that you see on all of the Dish SD channels: Soft image, moving high contrast images, lack of detail in facial features, smearing during movement, etc.
DarrellP said:
Yes, AT THIS TIME there is no overcompression but over the past 2 weeks this channel suffered from it bigtime.

I am sure you have, but we need to consider that there is a possibility the problem is from the provider or the feed from the provider to Dish... If you do the studies, Dish is pretty much the only one not compressing the hell out of their feeds. We all need to remember that the feed Dish is provided at times maybe having issues and that every issue may not be directly affiliated with Dish. I just think the lord that Dish has so much bandwidth and from what I see, putting it to good use.

As for the e-mails to the CEO, I have never had the need to send one to Charlie as my problems are all minor and seem to be amplified by so many others that visit the forums. I learned along time ago (with a TV, cable company and PC I bought) that CEO's usually do not get back to you. I thought it horrid that my TV didn't do exactly what I wanted and didn't like how it handled a particular mode and the CEO never replied to my message. I was so mad at the cable company for my dropouts and snow in the picture @ times I complained for weeks - never even got a call from upper managment, let alone the CEO. That is not to forget the countless e-mails I have sent to the guy running M$ over the problems in their code and how it crashes all the time and have not to this day received an e-mail.

I just look at all the products I have purchased and out of all of them and the CEO's of each company, Charlie seems to be more personal with the public and I think this is why we all expect so much from him. With the millions of customers he has, I sure think he does a fantastic job at working with his customers and I firmly believe we are in his best interest.
I've always got a callback EXCEPT for my Viacom email where I got a canned response (I'm sure they were overwhelmed)
thevoice said:
If you do the studies, Dish is pretty much the only one not compressing the hell out of their feeds.

Can you provide more info? Which studies? What are the results of these studies that lead to this conclusion? :what

Not arguing, just requesting clarification. I've heard this statement before, as if fact, and the only "reasoning" I got was that DirecTV advertises 20% more recording capacity on their HD Tivo than the Dish 921. :rolleyes:
I emailed ceo a while back and got a response from Chantelle Knight. Since then, I have emailed my questions to here directly and get answers (not canned, real messages) w/in 24 hours usually sooner OR a call from CJ w/in 24 hours. I am not saying I get all the dirt just a little more info or elaboration. She has been very good about getting back to me.

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