Who here has an Echo device?


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Dec 12, 2012
Well I was randomly asking Alexa about superheroes and supervillains, by asking “Who is (blank)?”, and such and everybody who has an Echo device should ask Alexa “Who is Venom?” Try it, it’s hilarious!!!
I participate in the crafting of answers through the Alexa Answers program and it is astonishing what people ask.

There are inane questions as well as ambiguous ones. One of the worst I've seen is "what is red?".
Couldn’t understand a word.

I have four Echoes, including an Echo Auto. Haven’t used it since Moby Dick was a minnow.
I never understood what the use for an Echo Auto was, so I didn't waste my money. I do have:

2 Echoes (3rd gen)
6 Echo Dots (also 3rd gen)
2 Echo Shows (5")
1 Echo Flex
1 Echo Sub
Have an Echo 5 and 8 here ...

And while I find that Google Voice Assistance actually works better. For obvious reasons being the competitive service, it really won't work with our ring security cameras.

Therefore the need for the Amazon voice assistance based Echoes. ...
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And while I find that Google Voice Assistance actually works better.
While Google Voice Assistance may be a better tool for research, I find it terribly lacking in apps that are one of my primary uses.

If I need to research something, there's better ways to search than by voice command.
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Ah damn! When I posted this thread, when you'd ask Alexa "Who is Venom?", Venom himself would respond hilariously, but now it's just Alexa herself answering the question. I remember you were also able to ask Venom for advice and his responses were pretty funny too! Too bad it's over. It was funny!
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