Why did Ch. 587 move to? Help!


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Jun 15, 2007

Can anyone tell me where did ch. 587 (ATV) move to? And on which satellite?

Check to see if you are receiving it on channel 6113. If you are, you need to call into Dish Network immediately to schedule a dish migration, as your channel will no longer be available off the old satellite after February 11th.

Otherwise, ATV is still channel 587, and you need to call anyway for technical assistance.

I install the dish myself, what migration do I require for this channel?

118.7. I'm pretty useless for details beyond that, though there seem to be plenty of tech-savvy people here.
Thank you.

Can you provide a link to confirm that is on 118.7?

Thanks again.
Hi Iceberg,

Thanks for your info...

I have a single LNB pointing at 148 right now. My question is there is no 118.7 in the satellite screen (6>1>1 in menu). I am using a 310.010 receiver. Can I point to 121 instead? Based on some reading, 121 also has ch 698.

Kindly confirm. Thanks!

No local guide info except what is currently on?

Where can I get a EA 1000.4 cheap?

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