Why Do I See So Much Hate For Dish? (1 Viewer)

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Jul 13, 2004
Frankfort, KY
reddice said:
I agree with the post count. It does not matter how many posts you have. I do more reading than posting anyway.

As for the 508 it has never missed a recording. The 522 worries me if I switch back. I just might get a 510. I will miss the duel tuning but won't need it with the extra supers. The DTVTivo also never missed a recording. It is just the bugs and less features that bothers me with the DTVTivo. Do like the list features. Found a show I was looking for.

what less features are you talking about. Im pretty sure it has more features... what am i missing?
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Darkwing Duck

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Aug 22, 2004
Grandude said:
Not long from now, all TVs will be HD and all local broadcasts will be HD. Those of us on the cutting edge of HD who do all the griping and complaining will end
up providing you the final results of our quest which will be much better HDTV for the latecomers and average users.
Be thankful that we are here and complaining.........
(ranting from my small soapbox) :D

I doubt that considering all the programs I like are not already in HD and if they ever are in HD they'll be upconverted. Also I doubt HD can do much for cartoons (yes I watch cartoons!). I imagine if I watched the broadcast networks and sports I would care about things in HD but again I don't and even if everyone has an HDTV there is no promise that they'll do everything in HD they just have to do a digital signal OTA and cable/satellite is exempt from that. I doubt Cartoon Network, GSN, Nicktoons and Discovery Times are going to rush out and pay to upconvert their programming.


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Sep 26, 2003
reddice said:
Sorry I am going to say it but you got stupid people that have no problems cancel Dish to go to DirecTV which is worse. You get less channels, pay more. The channel layout is terrible, stupid PPV's in the 100's, shopping channels all over the place, news channels all over the place and tons of blank channels and DTV channels with nothing on. Crappy music channels. Bad rain fade. A crappy Tivo that has a pathetic 30 minute buffer and a real annoying bug (b&w picture).
And yet, my switch to D* from E* has been nothing but good. The 'b&w' piucture bug affects only a small number of users (well, at least that's what they say in this DirecTvio Forum). PPVs in 100's? Wow, that's a real killer problem there. Crappy music channels? Just your opinion... I prefer D* music channels to the old Dish/Muzak offerings (but now they maybe are different with the Sirius stuff). 30 minute buffer? No problem with me, and I can make it longer if I want to.

We switched in March to Directv and HATE IT because of the problems we described above. When we had Dish we payed less and had more channels better layed out. We had no problems with the receivers and I would have taking the 508 I had anyday over the horrible Tivo. The thing was we had legacy switches which caused all of our problems. Now with Dish you have no commitment meaning unlike DirecTV you are not stuck with it for a year. We can get all PVR's. Right now we have to suffer with DirecTV but come March we will most likely be switching back.
Horrible Tivo eh? Tell your 508 to record all comedies with "Will Smith" in them, or to record the movie "Red Dust" if it's ever on - the 508's never had it (wishlists) and never will, now according to Dish.

I'll keep my 'horrible' DirecTivo, thank you- I had to endure Dish's first DVR, the Dishplayer 7100/7200, an experience I've never had to struggle through with DirecTivos. D* knows how to design, debug and implement DBS hardware right; Dish just uses customers for beta testers. Anyone that's been through the first year of any Dish DVR will probably have a rocky tale to tell.

I didn't hate Dish when I left... and now, I just prefer DirecTV.

A former 'Charlie Cheerleader', from Jul. 1996 thru Oct. 2003.

Added note:If you DirecTivo was going from color to B&W, then you were running it too darn hot - see last few posts in this topic.
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