Why does Dish box on put out HD on one channel?


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Mar 14, 2008
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This whole ATSC/HD TV2 discussion always gets under my skin. :mad: Any signal coming OUT of this box, is only there because I PAY for it. Therefore it is mine to do as I see fit with it! All we want is a TRUE dual HD tuner receiver. :rant:

Really? Do you really think that you own any of that? You are just paying to watch it, you own nothing. Do you really think that you have the right to send that signal out to anyone you want now because you own it? You really need to rethink what you're talking about.

As for the true dual HD tuner, I'm looking forward to having one too. At least Dish is working on it with the 922. I have one and am looking forward to getting the sling box for TV2 (or whatever it's called)


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Sep 30, 2006
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Yep. So do I. Funny how something via OTA is not as "protected" (valuable) as something over cable or sat. :rolleyes:

That's their story and they're sticking to it! :D

They tried to do this & was told to disable the copy protection by the FCC. To many people got po'd and B'd to the FCC and in one of the few times the people won.


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Dec 29, 2006
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I should have been clearer.

I have a dish box 622, one TV is in the library (main floor) on channel 1 and the other is below it in the Rec Room. Only about 20' of cable away because it is almost below the one upstairs and it is hooked to channel 2.
But as far as I have been able find, the receiver does not put out an HD signal on channel 2 no matter what kind of cable I have.

My question is why?

There is no technical reason that the box couldn't hold 2 HD receivers, are they just trying to make me buy or lease another dish box? Or is there something that prohibits them from doing that?

I suppose that I should have gotten 2 single channel boxes to start with, but I didn't know that one channel wouldn't be HD. I already have a single channel non HD dish box and TV in my wifes pottery studio also on the lower level.
The TV upstairs is still on and antenna but gets good HD on local channels.


I wonder how many more times this subject will be covered. First the 622 has three HD tuners (counting OA) - all can record HD at the same time. It is designed to output one HD signal at a time (HDMI or Component). It has the added feature of sending an additional SD signal to one or more TVs via coax. This can be independent of the HD signal in dual mode and includes down-resed output from HD channels.

If you want to run another HD TV, just get another HD receiver and set your 622 to single mode - PIP is then available. A 211 is cheap and can even be used as a single tuner DVR with an external hard drive. You can't easily beat the system of Digital Rights Protection for independent HD TV on a second TV without another receiver. The 922 with Sling is progress in that direction, but it is new, not cheap, and not fully implemented. You would still need some form of Sling receiver for rthe second TV.

No reason to complain that a Dish box doesn't do something it was never designed for. You are paying for HD, but you are not yet paying for a second receiver.


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Sep 7, 2003
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[The 622] is designed to output one HD signal at a time (HDMI or Component).

One slight clarification. The 622 can output One HD signal at a time (HDMI and/or Component)

All the outputs on the 622 work all the time so you can hook up all the following simultaneously.



Both TV1 and TV2 outputs will put out the same signal in the Single mode.


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May 5, 2007
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I think it unlikely that anyone will endeavor to make an STB that serves an HDTV a long way away. DIRECTV tried it with their short-lived HR21Pro and that went over only slightly better than their Sat-Go luggable dish/TV combo. It is just too costly to install and the certainty of satisfaction with the result isn't 100%.

You can get a pair of HDMI extender wall jacks for not a whole lot of money.

I'm actually not all that optimistic about the future of Duo receivers. I think DISH is going to move towards their "TV Everywhere" over LAN (probably incorporating MoCA 1.1) as a solution to many of these issues. The concept of the Slingbox 700U is pretty appealing.


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May 17, 2004
How about HD over coax (you know, like broadcast or cable TV)? I don't think the problem is unsolvable. It's just someone doesn't want us to have it.


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Nov 25, 2003
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How about HD over coax (you know, like broadcast or cable TV)? I don't think the problem is unsolvable. It's just someone doesn't want us to have it.

I seem to remember seeing that Directv is working towards using coax for their hd multi room viewing system. It would of been much easier for DISH to do the same thing, since their sd out on their vip series of dvrs do the same thing. But since they bought sling , they decided to go that route instead.

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