Why does my 510's RCA outs still send a voltage signal when it's turned off? Argh


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May 14, 2004
I have a 510 DVR and for some reason, even when it is powered off, both sets of RCA outs still send a signal. It's not enough to show a picture or sound, but it's enough to fool my automatic A/V switcher into not turning off, and it's enough to fool my televsion into not displaying it's usual blue screen when there is so no signal present. I have tested this on multiple televisions and still the same problem. Dish Network techs (both simple and advanced) swear that there's no way it could be sending a signal and that my equipment must not be compatible (and when I asked them if they are trying a new and groundbreaking type of RCA out signal that every piece of equipment in America is incompatible with, they realized what a stupid answer that was ). HAS anyone else had this problem or is it just me? It displays a dark picture.
The only time a satellite receiver is off is when the power cord is unplugged, it is always downloading info so it never powers off.

I have a VCR that has my 508 plugged into AV1 and another VCR plugged into AV2
When both the other VCR & the 508 are off
AV1 is a black screen (VCR thinks there is a signal)
AV2 is a blue screen (due to no signal)

so that would be correct. Unless you unplug it, you're kinda SOL
Damn. Well, thank you. I guess I won't send it back to good ol' Dish so they can urinate in it and then return it to me. Sigh.
Thanks for the advice, Mike. I just checked out of the hospital a few hours ago. You never said anything about unplugging the 510 before I urinated on it. I...I..I'm gonna go soak in some ice now.

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