why the pop up box?


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Oct 5, 2003
So whats with this? i have a timer going on channel 122, then one set for the game on 8490. It's about ten min to 8pm, so I turn the channel to 8490

When 8pm rolls around a "Box" pops up saying that the two tuners are in use and if I want to use the "Main" to record this timer..

First off... I have now idea which tunner is MAIN, duh!
2nd off, I'm on the channel I want to record!

Is the 721 that stupid of a BOX!

This si insane! When this happened a week ago I didn't know what to do and I hit the "Use main" and it whacked up my records! This time I did nothing and it went away! So I ask the Dish 721 programs..


Come on, get it right, little bugs like this are nuts, they reflect IMO the programs..

NOT the hardware
The "main" tuner is the one you are currently watching. The box is to let you know it is about to start recording on the tuner you are currently watching and giving you the option to not record rather than just hijacking what you are watching. It seems perfectly reasonable to me.

What got screwed up when you hit "use main" last week? I do that all the time and it works fine.

I was already on the correct channel in the Main that was to be recorded is the thing.. They was no need to change channels..
Allamand said:
I was already on the correct channel in the Main that was to be recorded is the thing.. They was no need to change channels..

Right, but it's still giving you the courtesy of telling you it's going to start recording. I don't see why that's such a bad thing.

It's a bad thing for several reasons. First, it's inconsistent. It doesn't tell me EVERY time it's about to start a recording, so why should it only tell me when there are two tuners in use? And what possible reason would I care to know that? If I wanted to know every time the thing was going to start recording I wouldn't have turned off the stupid flashing clock.

Second, if I am not staring at the screen to click the button, it will wait a minute.

Third, if I am staring at the screen, happily watching tv, why should I have to go grab the remote, think about what it's asking me, and then click a button?

It shouldn't behave this way - it should just start recording, and only give me a popup if AFTER it starts recording, if both tuners are in use, I try to change the channel.
It's perfectly consistent - it only pops up the box when it is going to use the "main" tuner to record because the background tuner is already recording something. It assumes that if the unit is turned on, you are actually using the main tuner, and it's preferable to give you a warning that it is taking control of it than to just do it. Apparently you would rather have it just take over with no warning.

The flaw with the is that it pops up when the recording is scheduled to start rather than a minute before.


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