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Press On Regardless
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Sep 29, 2003
Sheboygan, WI
There was a thread in which (maybe) BRAVO or some channel mentioned that Dish has 3 or 6 million HD households (I'm thinking it was the 3 number). Given that Dish has 13+ million total, well, someone's speculation was rather inaccurate.... SD customers still far out-number HD customers by a long shot.

Who knows what was misquoted. Could be the number of legacy receivers or those incapable of receiving an MPEG-4 signal. However, I think there are still a lot of legacy receivers out there, more than this statistic would indicate.
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SatelliteGuys Master
Jul 8, 2004
Virginia Beach
Thats what I was thinking given that I installed for 6 years and havent done it in 2, prices have come down on the sets but the economy has also taken a hit so I dont see alot of people buying hd sets and paying for a more expensive service.
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