Why we cant get 811's and SuperDISH's


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Dec 28, 2003
Hi all,

I have been waiting for an upgrade for about 5 months being rescheduled month after month and I dont understand why I am unable to get a SuperDISH and I had several installers confirm to me why and I want to share it with you all in case you dont already know this.

Basically this is how it works. Installers get paid more to install a new customer than they do to upgrade an existing customer. So there is basically no incentive to upgrade an existing customer with a SuperDISH or 811 if they have several new customers on thier list. So as long as DISH keeps signing up new customers, existing customers get pushed further and further down the list. Now there are probably some honest installers out there who do it on a first come first serve basis. But this is the real world, installers have to make a living doing this so obviously if they have a new customer scheduled and a upgrade scheduled they are going to do the one that makes them more money first. I have had several installers say, they do new customers first and if they have any hardware left over they do existing customer upgrades. I also had one of DISH's executive CSR's to confirm that installers get paid more to do new installs. So while its good for DISH to sign up all these new customers, it only delays existing customers upgrades. For some reason DISH doesnt think an installer would do something like that. But we all know thats BULL! Send all your complaints to ceo@echostar.com
My brother got an install of a HDTV package one week ago. I had been waiting from Feb. for a superdish. I asked my brother to get the installers phone #. I called the installer on 03-19-04 he said he would be here the morning of 03 24-04. He was on time with the most professional installation I have seen. He said he worked for dishnetwork and he was paid the same for any installation. If you could get the # of a Dishnetwork installer in your area it might help. Two other friend also have also had superdish installs to date.
Different companies pay their installers differently. Some pay by job type, some pay flat rate.. others pay per reciever.. depends on the direction of the wind. I'd tell you about our pay scale, but you'll need a Nobel prize in Math Theory to understand it.

When it comes to SD delays (we have no delays for 811's here so far), the squeaky wheel gets the oil. If Dish's Executive Office calls me on a delayed superdish, it usually gets worked in the next week or so.. but we make no guarantees. For every Superdish we move forward, we have to bump someone else back, so we try to work them in when some fool decides not to be home, or R/S due to some reason.
All I was trying to say was contact a Dishnetwork installer and get past the bla bla bla of the CRS and anyone else and get your dish installed. A dishnetwork CSR told me I would get a June install bla bla bla . Thank you all.

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