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Jun 4, 2014
Hi all,

I have a wierd one here.. appreciate any insights anyone may have...

Hopper + SJ + 2J Solo Node setup. The SJ was recently added and PTAT was enabled at the same time. Since then, I have occasionally (2 or 3 times) had a strange issue where the TV that is directly connected to the Hopper loses PTAT channels. By loses, I mean that when you tune to any of the big 4 networks, you get heavy pixalization and audio dropouts to the point that it is unwatchable.

When this is happening, I can go to the SJ or one of the Joeys and tune any of the PTAT channels without issue! Very strange. I'm inclined to think that the problem is related to the addition of the SJ (maybe one of the tuners is bad or has a bad connection to the LNB) and that the system is using one of those tuners when the problem occurs, but the fact that I can tune in on the Joeys without issue contradicts that. The SJ and Joeys use the same tuner as the Hopper when PTAT is running, right? It's not possible that the SJ is using a different tuner for PTAT than the Hopper? I ran a check switch test and all 5 tuners had green checkmarks across the board.

When the problem happened this evening, the first thing I tried was to disconnect the coax connection to the SJ, this immediately caused a loss of signal error on the Hopper TV, which tells me that it was probably using one of the SJ tuners for PTAT. I reconnected it, and after a minute or two the Hopper and SJ both rebooted and at that point, everything was fine.

I can't yet rule out an HDMI issue or issue with the TV itself that is directly connected to the Hopper, but it seems unlikely to be a TV/HDMI issue because of the fact that I can tune other channels without issue and the guide/UI all look fine.. its just the PTAT channels affected.

Next thing I'll probably try is to disable PTAT and see if it helps.. I couldn't disable it tonight since it was currently in an active PTAT session.

If anyone has seen this issue before or has any ideas, I'd love to hear them!


EDIT- Two more things to add that I forgot to mention:
-This has all been observed when watching PTAT channels live, not recordings
-This one will really bake your noodle.. When rewinding an uwatchable PTAT channel, the picture was clear (while in reverse).


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Nov 25, 2003
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No, it requires a solo node and the new splitter that is made for the super joey. Should come with the super joey in fact. Mine did when I got a super joey from dishdepot.com back in May. I also got install diagrams with it so I could do an easy self install. I suggest you do a switch check run on your hopper and make sure that all tuners are seeing the satellites ,including the super joey. When you run the switch check it also runs one on the super joey in the same menu. OF course also do a power cord reboot and it should clear out any bugs in the system. IF it is still having problems it might be time for a tech visit and /or a new receiver. Also suggest a check or change out of the solo node if all else fails. When I got my super joey my older solo node crapped out due to heat related issues. The first generation nodes had issues with extreme hear or cold. The replacement solo node I bought from dishdepot.com is supposed to be second generation that is made for either heat or cold.

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