Wild Blue Beams Reopening

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Sep 7, 2003
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Tonight Wildblue Dealers around the country are getting the following emails sent to them. The good news is WildBlue will be opening all beams (except for 2) for new subscribers.

GREAT NEWS! WildBlue is nearing completion of a software upgrade that will increase capacity in certain beams that are currently suspended for new sales.

We will be opening beams for new orders and installations everywhere (with the exception of beams 27 & 28). The increased capacity is limited and we expect most of these beams to be suspended again prior to the planned availability of our much larger WildBlue-1 satellite in March. Below we have estimated how long these beams will remain open for entering new orders. However, if any beam begins to reach capacity before the estimated time below, we will notify you immediately via email.

We encourage dealers to contact interested customers and get them entered into the system as soon as the beams reopen. Dealers will have 60 days to install any orders entered before they are deleted from our system.

Click the image to download a large beam map

Open for Sales
Estimated Sales Period
13, 17, 26
November 28, 6AM MST
30 Days
36, 43
November 28, 6AM MST
7-14 Days
December 4, 6AM MST
14 Days
34, 35
December 4, 6AM MST
45 Days
December 4, 6AM MST
30 Days
December 5, 12PM MST
1 Day
December 6, 12PM MST
1 Day[/center]
Note: All other beams are currently open for new sales and installation (except beams 27 and 28).
What WB users think about the software update, based on 94 poll respondents at wildblue.cc:

Have the update and it is an improvement 14.89%
Have the update and it has made things worse. 56.38%
Don't have the update yet. 0 0%
Don't know if I have the update. Nobody tells me anything. 28.72%
Spot beam 36 just closed, and we are having all kinds of problems.
well i was here bright and early dec 4th ready to go to work (on beam 35) and little did i know, until after 8 am that morning when sombody at WB decided to answer the phone, that they had pushed off opening our beam.still waiting on them.
yeah I was ready that day (12-4 )myself only to be pushed to today by my installer, guess what... Oh you guessed right I bet; beam did not open,.

yesterday I spoke with a WB tech just asking if everything was on and they said ; "We just launched a new bird friday and hope to re-open beams before the new year!." I said fine but what about the shceduled re open tomorrow ? That was not going to happen they said. So new years huh?
However in their own press release on WB uncensored, it states that the people who launched it from french guiana last week will be working out bugs and do not even turn it over to WB for 45 days..
SO... That puts us into january of the new year before WB even has control of WB1 (the new SAT)
This is not good given my history with sat providers for the sake of my mental well being I am getting my money back from the installer before they deciide to move or visit vegas or anything, I may try again sometime but man,, this is a bad omen for me.!
In their own releases, WB has set April 12th for the startup of use of WB1. At least they didn't choose April 1...
Just checked the Wild Blue website to find a dealer in my area and it said that due to over-whealming demand, that they are not doing any installations in my area. Check back in a couple of months or I could register and they would contact me.

Guess I'll stay with Starband. :( Not only are the prices comparable, but the advertised upload speed for the lowest Starband service is faster than the upload speed of Wild Blue's lowest priced service. :)
If you have two different locations that are close to each other (like 8 miles apart) then can you setup a satellite dish at the other location and take the modem with you to get internet access there? I would think that a person could do this as long as the satellite was positioned correctly.