Will DNS go away if I sign up for locals?



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Nov 21, 2003
Northern California
I live in San Francisco DMA, Grade B signals, but am NOT signed up to receive SF locals. I DO receive NY and LA Distant locals (all 4 networks). I think I was grandfathered in 2 years ago, and I cancelled SF locals last year before I may have been forced to choose between locals and distants. My online eligibility says I have waivers for FOX and CBS, but says nothing about ABC or NBC.

Now that SF is in HD, I'd like to get a 622 and sign up for SF HD locals, but I DON'T want to lose the SD distants. I called Dish HD tech support, and they were not able to tell me if my distants would be cut if I signed up for locals.

Is there any better way to find out? Should I apply for ABC and NBC SD waivers, or could I lose the stations I currently have if they are denied? Distants are more important to me than HD, as can get HD on Comcast but I'm currently double paying for the same content and would like to get everything from E*.

Thanks! Tom


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Feb 13, 2005
thats true but the fcc audits the accounts once a month or so and if they find that you have both and you are not allowed to then dish will get fined and the programming will be removed, but it is a chance you can take, if you do lose them you can always submit a waiver to try and get them back, or you can use a ota to get the hd content the 622 will pull it in

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