Will the installer bring the 622 like they said


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Dec 17, 2004
I was told the installer would bring the 622. I have read from most posts here that
the 622 is being shipped to the customer. Does anyone know for sure. I hate
feeling that the installer will show up without the receiver and I have to start all over
Thanks for the info. I guess it will be shipped to me, or I can call and go the clueless
CSR route.
622 arrived separately, but no communication from Dish

I got installed this past Saturday, and the 622 arrived via UPS three days early, on Wednesday. I ordered new service directly from Dish (I had been a Voom customer, but did not switch to Dish until the DVR became available).

Dish did not tell me when I ordered service that they would be shipping the 622. I just assumed the installer would bring it, so I was suprised (but not in a bad way!) when the package showed up a few days early. Dish also did not call me to confirm the installation, which had been set up almost a month in advance - I called Dish the day before to make sure it was still on. And I never heard from the contractor they used to do the installation until Saturday morning, when he called to let me know that he was at the previous job and would be on his way to my place soon.

So, yes, Dish seems to ship these things separately by UPS, but I wouldn't expect much from Dish in the way of communications about it. But it all worked out fine for me, and I'm happy as can be with the 622.
I called today to confirm my appointment for next Monday, since I figured Saturday was a very busy day for all of Dish. They also told me the installer would bring the 622.

Of course, they had the wrong install date scheduled (Saturday vs Monday).

When I rescheduled, they told me the 622 would be shipped to me, which is fine with me. I already have a Superdish and Dish500 at 61.5.

Those who ordered Saturday might want to confirm their appointment!
I ordered the upgrade to a 622 on March 7th and had an install date of March 29th. I phoned back the Friday before the Wednesday install and asked for a UPS tracking number for the receiver. The Tech - not a CSR, but someone in tech support - told me that the installer would bring the unit out with him. The next day UPS showed up with the 622.
The installer never called to confirm my address or the install date, just showed up at 3pm and did his thing.

Overall, everything worked out OK, but Dish could save a lot of phone calls by giving their CSR's & Tech's a course in effective communication and basic customer service.
When I orderd my 622 on Saturday, I was also told that the installer would bring it. I even mentioned that I have seen posts that said that it would be customer shipped. He repeated what was on his screen that the 622 would be brought by the installer. That was not how I got my original 942 a year ago.
That is strange, Dish told me this Sat. that 622 will be shipped via UPS within 2-3 days when I phoned in for the upgrade.

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