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Nov 4, 2007
Hi Folks,

I've been reading where many people are having wind issues this weekend. It's been no different here in Atlanta with 35-40mph gusts. My HD channels on 129 are going in and out from time to time. It's very difficult for me to tell if it's due to a moving dish or if trees are being bent into the signal path. FYI, there are NO monopoles on my dish - just the main mast bolted to the roof. Should I have two monopoles installed for stability? My service was only established about 7 months ago and I've had reception trouble that had to be addressed with with a re-peaking of the dish. FYI, when I'm able to read signal strengths I'm getting 70 on 119 trsp12, 61 on 110 trsp 16, and all over the board on 129 (from high 20s to mid 40s). This is with a 1000.2 dish.

Anyway, upon checking signal strength (menu, then 6-1-1) my 722 froze on the signal lock/strength meter screen. It never displayed the meter screen or sounded the signal strength tone. Instead it kept a small window of live tv open and displayed menu options down the left side of the screen. I could not get back to live tv or any other function. I've tried it three times and each time I've had to reboot the 722. Has anyone had this issue before and is there something going wrong with the unit or the dish setup?


May 15, 2008
I have issues with 129 satellite too...

I feel your pain! I have the same exact set-up 722 with 1000.2 and I live in the North GA mountains. The 129 recption is very unreliable. The best I have ever seen it was around 40 and it often drops out completely - definitley in bad weather but sometimes on perfectly clear days also. The antenna is secured to a 4x4 post that is concreted in the ground so my set-up is solid.

I don't think there is anything wrong with your 722. It doesn't behave well when it loses the satelitte signal and it is very frustrating. If you pick an HD channel and the signal is too low it goes to the searching for sat. screen and you can't even change the channel to get off it. You have to wait until it finally gives up a few minutes later and then finally you can go to the guide and change the channel. It is very frustrating and overall I am disappointed with the 129 HD sat performance. When it works it is awesome - but it is not solid at all.

I have been thinking of trying to get the 129 satellite seperately on another dish - as the 129 head is off-center on the 1000.2 and maybe a dedicated dish would get better recption? I don't know if it will help....


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Feb 16, 2008
East TN
I have yet to get a good solid signal on 129. I finally set up a wing dish on 61.5 and gave up on 129. Indications are 129 will go to "western arc" and 61.5 will be a mainstay of "eastern arc" in the near future depending on some sat launches.

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