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Sep 28, 2003
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I have 3 622 receivers and I want to connect to the internet.I have ATT DSL modem and it connects to my computer. I want to connect all 3 receivers and computer to the internet I already have 3 eathernet cables what else do I need to get to get everything up and running? Thanks in advance for you replies.


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May 22, 2006
You will need a router. The internet DSL modem will connect to the router instead of your computer. The modem will have to configured to the "bridged" configuration. Your computer and each 622 will then connect to the router. The DHCP will have to be enabled in the router to provide a dynamic DNS IP address to the computer and each 622.


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Oct 19, 2004
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I recently had a friend who had ATT DSL. Their DSL modem died so ATT replaced it nad we tried for 2 days to get the new modem to connect with the Cisco router, but it never would allow internet traffic. The router got an an IP address, but IE never would pull up a website. We could bypass the router and iternet worked fine. I took the router to my computer shop and the router worked perfectly.

When ATT set up the first modem the tech had to tweak it to work with her Cisco router, but they would not help us set up the new modem.

ATT offered to sell the lady an ATT router for $130 but after struggling with ATT locking down their modems she finally changed providers and the router worked fine with the new providers modem.

Evidently ATT has some sort of settings on their DSL that lock out routers unless they are theirs - the lady tried ATT tech support and they would not help her configure the modem or the router, just wanted to sell her their $130 router and install it.
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Aug 10, 2010
jim you may have dealt with bad ATT reps, which as big as that company is i'm sure quite a bit exist. Don't know if you tried but if it helps, go to you should be able to access the modems home page where you can configure your connection to a router. And you may have trouble getting an ATT rep helping you with that, cuz when I was doing internet tech support we were told to refer to the router manufacturer

note: wasn't an ATT rep but I doubt much would be different though
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Sep 8, 2003
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AT&T actually has a better success rate at matching with routers than Verizon does. AT&T modems come not set to be a bridge. You have to put in bridge mode, depending on the modem it gives two choices, you want whatever describes that the router will process the DHCP, etc.. Then, the router has to be set to where you have to enter your username and password to access the internet. (Not the screen where you use a unsername and password to access the router)
It is entirely possible the AT&t rep won't/can't help with a product they do not sell, IE a router.


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Nov 18, 2003
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I have had better success with a switch or even multiple ones than with a router, try that with routers. The router has more smarts and will block some addresses. With DSL you do not need that blocking like you might with a cable modem. The switch simply connects each port to all others. It may learn the routing to reduce traffic to nodes not needing some messages. As some/most DSL modems only have one output, you need the switch on its output and before your other Internet devices, one cable to each from the remaining n-1 ports. Switches are often 5 or 8 ported, giving you 4 or 7 connections.

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