Woo Hoo! I found a Cheese Nip resembling the State of Wyoming! (1 Viewer)


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Sep 14, 2003
Athens, Texas, United States
eBay, here I come!

I just couldn't wait to share this...scavenging the pantry for a snack, I happened upon something that only a select fortunate few may encounter. Yes, you read it here first...I have, in my possession...a Cheese Nip sharing an uncanny resemblance to the state of Wyoming!!

Now, it wouldn't be fair to expect the fame and fortune of the Virginia sisters who sold their cornflake sharing a likeness with the state of Illinois, earning them a cool $1,350 on eBay. But hopefully, I'll pull-in at least $400 placing that coveted PlayStation 3 within my grasp.

Sadly, all this fuss makes me regret eating that slice of bacon that eerily resembled the state of California. My affinity for bacon is perhaps just too overwhelming.

See my blog for pics!
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Sep 11, 2007
Castle Rock, CO
Advertise it as Colorado for sure!!!

I had a tostito the other day which looked like two things. From one angle it appears to be the Aflac duck, and from a totally different angle a chick. I regret eating that now lol.

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