Would Sat 121 be visible in Portland area?


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Jan 7, 2004
Hi All,
I'd like to thank to everyone here for providing great info on Dish network.
I happened to be the few peopole who want the (new) chinese package that in on sat 121 and also want all HD channels. I didn't realize superdish for 121 is not available in my area.
THen I found out a superdish is required and the local retailer said it won't be out for another 3~6 moths. While this is fine, I'm actually worried the fact that I would never receive a signal in my area from sat 121.

Does anyone know the coverage(footprint) on this satellite? Would I get good reception in my area which is Portland,OR?

I was very excited about the DIsh deal and actually paid $50 more to get the 811 and now it seems my hope for (new)chinese channels are fading away....

thanks for any help on this :p
That is great news!!! I guess the problem now is to get a hold of a superdish. For some reason, they offer only several areas for the subscription(of chinese super pack) based on zip code and Portland is not one of the areas they service now.
Hmm....even if I get the superdish, do you think they'll let me subscribe for it? :(

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