Would you leave Dish if they stop carrying CBS?


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Sep 22, 2003
I know Dish monitorsthis site. I think they should know how we feel. I for one will leave Dish if I do not have CBS. Cable around here is terrible and OTA is not what I want to do. D is my only alternative. How do you feel?
No way would I leave. I think that Dish is right this time. I'd rather lose a few channels than see viacom get away with what they are trying to do. After all, if Dish were forced to carry all of the crappy channels that every company has, where would the bandwidth for HD come from?
No way, I don't even watch my local stations so I have no use for CBS, NBC, or ABC. Now if they don't fix the dark video on my 811 soon......I'm gone.
I actually have an 811 I don't even use. I have the dark picture issue as well. Anyone interested??
Why all this talk about losing CBS. The feds are requiring Dish to carry all the local stations in a market it they carry any - I doubt they will allow V* to pull the locals as it violates the intent of this ruling.

HD-CBS is about the only one the could get away with.
That is a good point. I live in a CBS owned city (Philly). Meaning, Viacom owns my CBS station. If they pull it due to E* and Viacom not coming to terms, is E* or Viacom legally in trouble for not allowing or not providing the local CBS with all the other local channels?

I am really caught in a quandry. I have a Dish installation scheduled for Monday, and they have to install a second dish antenna to pick up CBSHD.
Don't know whether to cancel or take the chance all will be settled.
I'll stay with E*, even if they eliminate all locals.

After I got E* years ago, I quit watching locals, because the pictures had multiple ghosts.

The transmitters are less than two miles from my house, but they're on a hill and I'm in a valley.

Since I'm near the transmitters, the local stations wouldn't allow me to get distant networks.

By the time E* started offering locals, I didn't care about locals any more.

Occasionally I'll watch HD locals over the air because those don't ghost.
hell yeah i'll leave if these channels get pulled. whats the crap, every 3rd station will be blacked out almost. were not talking bingo tv were talking major channels. directv is looking beter and better right now.
I'm going to write the CEO in support of Dish. If you don't want a whole lot more crappy channels like Bingo, Dish needs to come out on top concerning this issue. Could you imagine if every company demanded that Dish carry everything they offered in order to get the popular channels? We'd be inundated with garbage and picture quality would get even worse.
i'm gonna write the ceo of dish and tell him he needs to get with the program and get the deal done one way or the other. there is no excuse for this thing to have come down to this. 2 days before the blackout and nothing. there is no excuse, charlie needs to get this done for his customers.
i have to diagree. its not blackmail. viacom has the right to offer just package deals to dish just like dish offers us package deals. we can't pick and choose each channel. we have to take the whole package . so why does dish think they should be able to pick and choose. i like dish but they are being hypocrits in this case. viacom is right.
CBS is actually the only local I watch for news and CSI, but will not miss it if my bill gets smaller and Dish replaces it with channels I'll watch more like ESPN Deportes (Chanpion's league) or ?
I am not the edge, about to switch to Direct TV after all the bugs in the 921.

I would switch to Direct and get the HD Tivo. Still praying Dish will add a buntch of HD channels or something good to make me want to stay. Been with them for so long, and I realy like dish, But no Viacom and a 921 that has bugs, it is hard.
After four months of deadlocked contract negotiations, EchoStar in January filed a lawsuit in federal court in a bid to block Viacom from pulling its broadcasts of local CBS stations from its subscribers in New York, Los Angeles and 13 other media markets.( Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Marquette, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Green Bay. )

A judge last week gave EchoStar and Viacom until midnight Pacific Time on Monday to reach a pact on broadcasting the CBS stations in those markets. The dispute also affects Viacom-owned cable networks such as MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon.

Man and the news isn't getting any better...


Core Schedule of Programming Leads CBS to February Victory By Its Widest Margin Since 1993

I will stay with DISH. For those that think DISH should get with the act and just sign the deal then hold onto you check books because you will see another price increase. Then you can B*tch about the price increase for those channels that DISH was forced to take.

As far as us being forced to take channels we don't want at least you have three basic packages to choose from. DISH isn't getting that option. It is a take it or leave it deal.

Stick to your guns Charlie.
Nah, I wont leave

All I have is locals, and unfortunatelly, WCCO (my CBS) is an O&O, so if I want to watch CBS, I'll have to resort ot OTA translator stations....yipee!!!

I guess I can skip watching CBS for the time they are out.

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