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Nov 9, 2009
Liverpool, NY
Just curious as to why WTVH-HD is still uplinked and unavailable (for several months), eventhough E* and Granite Broadcasting have signed a retransmission agreement for the Granite family of stations. For example, WKBW-HD in Buffalo is now available, but not WTVH-HD in Syracuse.

When an agreement is reached, doesn't it apply to all of that broadcast company's stations?


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Jul 23, 2008
Upstate NY near Corning
I hope it goes soon I am tired of people whining that they need a 110 wing dish with the 1000.4 because they "only watch CBS" They get all upset when I try to explain the reason you have the 1000.4 is because you had no line of sight for 119-110 to begin with.


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Feb 6, 2009
Upsate NY
I know

I have been waiting since that uplink report for the station to broadcast. My only guess is that since WTVH parent company is in sever financial trouble they may be in a holding pattern.

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