It works, and the capture card I got seems to handle HDCP fine, so I can watch channels like HBO on my iPad from DISH without any issues.
HDCP freely permits viewing on any kind of compliant sink device that isn't able to record. When the device can't assure that recording isn't an option is when HDCP gets uppity.
With this Capture card I can record video and take photos.
This capability should, by HDMI mandate, not allow the recording of content that is flagged as non-recordable.

Notice how they talk specifically about capturing from cameras and other sources that are typically not flagged and avoid discussing TV and video game recording.

If it does work, it is in violation of the device's HDMI certification.
Somehow, I just never pictured you as a big video gamer.
I have been an early adopter of 3D video and bought the HMD Oculus Rift to be able to edit in 3D faster. While messing around I discovered the VR games and been hooked ever since. I was never into PC games. But I own both XBOX 360 and a PS3 which was interesting but was never hooked on the flat screen games.

I'm not at all into social media gaming and avoid that. Those gamers could whop my butt any day of the week. :( I did try it once on a race track and got cursed out and yelled at over the headset. :) Don't need that.
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