XBox 360 HD DVD Preorders now at

Very interesting... Called gamestop and they are taking pre- orders for $25.00 for the HDDVD drive. They also said that it is going to be in stores on Nov 8th compared to BestBuy's date of the 16th... Don't know who to believe. BestBuy also has the wireless headset dated Nov. 8 and gamestop has them in stores today.
Sorry, don't mean to diminish Robert's contributions.....

I had about $30 in Best Buy bucks (I'm a lucky SOB, got 5 $5 coupons and 5 $1 ones from MickeyD's that go poof on 12/2/06, which was the main reason for me to go this route - I've got two kids so we wind up going through there twice a week on busy activity nights, and my wife and I use usually get the chicken sandwiches anyway).

They also found a way to get me an XBox360 on launch day last year so I feel a little loyalty to them (Plus the 2% rebate I get through the Reward Zone program to boot)

When all is said and done, it will hit my doorstep for $183 including taxes and shipping....

However, I do agree we need to support our illustrious Gold Sponsors whenever feasible.... I'll be sure to check them out next time.... Maybe that HDMI cable or the wireless headset....

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