XM Skyfi2 with home or car kit $49


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Jun 8, 2004
XM is running another deal for $49. You can get the Skyfi2 with either a car kit or home kit for $49 as long as you prepay for 3 months of service and keep service active for a total of 6 months. You can also get the skyfi 2 with a boombox for $69 or a xm commander for $49. go here http://www.xmradio.com/friends/

enter any of the following email address

They periodically run $49 deals off and on but most of the time it is for the original SKyfi or Roady.

You may want to go to www.foundrymusic.com and Sign up for the Opie and Anthony newsletter they also send out offers as well. I have to warn you though Foundry is not work safe and may be offensive to some people.
Wow, what an awesome deal! I certainly hope this comes thru, as I wanted to get a Skyfi 2 for my wife who commutes 3 hours a day. This saved me a ton o' money, thanks for the info! I got a confirmation number--here's hoping it actually ships!

Jumped on this too, $50 for a SkyFi2 is too good to pass up in my book.

On of my biggest complaints of XM was the 16-character titles, and this will fix it! Thanks, OP!

edit -- I ordered on Wedensday and got a tracking number on Friday...it'll be here tomorrow, so I wouldn't worry, Fishbelly.
:clap :music :love Ordered mine on Wednesday, got it Friday! My wife and I were so pleased that we went right out and bought the home kit too!
It's awesome!
Great to hear people are receiving their orders. Thanks for the update digitalelegance and cr0mag! I know my wife is going to love her present from me for a change.

Does anyone know if I get this, can I add it to my family plan? If so right away or after 3 or 6 months?

Would the prepaid service be at the 9.99 rate, and the other 3 months be at the 6.99 rate?
The last $49 deal I got from them I had to pay the $9 for the first three months and after that it went to $6.99 automatically. I called them and they told me that is how it has to be done. However I have spoken to tohers who say they called and XM credited them back the money.
I just got a Skyfi2 using this deal and I am going to add it to my family plan and I was wondering even though I paid for the three months will I still have to pay the 9.99 and the 6.99 family plan separately for those three months.
Once its added to the family plan you should only be billed 6.99.

How long did it take you to get the SkyFi2? Was there a backorder like there was a while ago?

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