Yakima,Wa. Locals?

Yakima, WA. Locals



I found the above link and see they're listed as "Technical Issues" whatever that means. I'm waiting here in EBurg as well.

BTW-They did mention Yakima on the recent Charlie Chat and said their locals would be picked up on the Dish 500. Not a big deal, but a lot of the new cities they discussed will need the superdish.

I think the problem with Yakima is the fiber run from the POP to Dish's uplink center. No sure about this. The POP has been pretty much ready to rock&roll for a while.

See ya
It doesn't surprise me that Yakima would have technical problems. A few years ago they had our cable co block out duplicate programing from the Seattle networks. One of the local complaints about doing this was that the Yakima stations still weren't broadcasting in stereo. Unbelievable, and it wasn't that long ago.
I just read(Oct.2nd) on one of the ng"s, that Yakima will be up and running by Oct.16th.
I'll hold my breath and not comment till that date has come and gone.

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