Dish Network satellite dish for FTA?

Discussion in 'Free To Air (FTA) Discussion' started by FloridaPhilly, Aug 27, 2012.

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    I used to have Dish Network and after I cancelled, I still have the dish mounted, with the wiring to my house. My question is can I use that dish to access FTA?
    I am a TOTAL newbie so please understand I am just beginning to learn about this and know almost nothing at this point. My contract with DirecTV expires in February and I plan to learn all about this FTA and be all set by that time. ANY help will be greatly appreciated.

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    If you scroll down no more than two pages, you should see three threads discussing reuse of old DishNet and DirecTV dishes.
    Give those a read for a start.
    Edit: okay, 4 pages back; one had "SuperDish" in topic, other one had "slimline".

    Then, tell us which dishes exactly you have.
    Some of the larger ones might get you a taste of FTA.
    But the 18" & 20" round ones are for nutjobs to experiment with, not something to encourage a beginner with.
    And as a proud nutjob, I speak from experience. :)

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    Yes it is posssible, but remember the bigger the dish the stronger the signal.
    The smaller dishes are designed to receive KU signals.
    I used a new $12 LNBF and I had to extend the LNBF arm to get max signal.
    This dish is stationary and is pointed at 97W, only 1 satellite. This dish would be to small to put on a motor.

    3-16-2012 008.JPG 3-16-2012 009.JPG
    Anole is right about the nutshell dishes.

    I would recommend that you read a lot here to have a basic understanding how things work and how to set things up and ask questions especially before you buy anything.
    Also, you should go to lyngsat,com to see if those channels that are available for KU FTA are for you.

    1/2 year before I canceled dishnetwork I set up an OTA (over the air) regular big outside antenna for local channel, this way I was sure that I have at least TV to watch.
    I set up my PC so I can watch internet TV on my TV, like basic hulu which is free.
    I learned about FTA before I canceled and spend hours reading about it.
    After dish was canceled I played with the dish , dishnetwork left behind.
    At that point I was not really happy with the KU stationary dish, but it gave me addition channels to my OTA.
    So last winter I set up a C band 7 1/2 foot BUD ( big ugly dish ) on a polar mount which gave me even more channels.
    Last week this 7 1/2 foot Bud got replaced with an 10 foot dish.
    This winter or next spring I will be getting a motorized 36-39 Ku dish to complete the setup.
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