Is There A sattelite dish ralying UK channels such as BBC1,2, CH4 and ITV for USA?

Discussion in 'General CableTV & Satellite Forum' started by Shervin, Nov 4, 2006.

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    Most Cable and Sattelitte providers in USA only carry BBCAMERICA for American viewers. I have been for a very long time looking for an alternative sattelitte dish, company,etc that will carry major UK channels like BBC2, BBC1, Channel 4, ITV variations in United States. i am aware of many sattellites that air many european and asian major channels for US viewers but haven't come across any that will have BBC channels relayed for USA. Please HELP!

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    First of all, welcome to I have never seen real true UK channels rebroadcast in the US. I'm sure it has everything to do with copyrights on the programming. If it was available, my wife would surely want to have it even if it meant putting up a 15 foot dish.

    I would however be very much in favor of a true UK only channel, even if it would only have the UK programs on it they own the copyrights of. This would however mean that popular programs on the BBC like 'Neighbours' still would not be seen.

    I really hope that someday this would be happening and we can really see programming from all over the planet. Aussie TV would be interesting too.

    Maybe the only hope we have right now is for Rupert Murdoch to put SKY TV on Directv.
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    Don't hold your breath on that one! I have been for the last few years :)

    BBC World is available FTA with a 6' C-Band dish, Euronews pops up FTA here and there also.

    I have seen loads of feeds for Skynews/sports over the years as well, a lot of it on the Pas 9 satellite at 58ºw (Needs a Universal LNBF)

    Thats the thing with FTA you just never know what you will find. But we could REALLY use more TV from the UK :)

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