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    Signal Quality is now Signal Margin?

    I was rescanning for locals after the repack here. I then checked the satellite signal. Signal Strength hasn’t changed, but instead of “Quality”, it now says “Margin” on the bottom bar. It was 99, and now it’s 75. Is this signal-to-noise ratio?
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    VHF Lo Reception on VHF-Hi/UHF Designed Antennas

    I had an old RS VHF/UHF antenna that broke, and I kept the Channel 2 elements. Sure enough, they’re 48” on each side, so a dipole is 96”. I mounted them side by side on my deck, and it worked really well on VHF and FM, obviously. It’s decent for UHF, but not great.
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    Need some guidance aiming dish for Orby.

    Don’t use the center of the bolt. There should be a flat edge in front of the bolt. Use it instead.
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    Need some guidance aiming dish for Orby.

    You should definitely use the marks on the dish mount. If you have a level and plumb pole, it should be accurate enough to get a signal.
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    SS 84 Max

    The satellite footprint is good enough in places for an 18” dish, but only on clear days. As soon as any rain even comes close, it’d drop out.
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    SS 84 Max

    84 should be fine. My SQ is about that, but I have a diplexer and splitter in the line. Try unplugging the box and plugging it back in.
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    Which dish for self install?

    Nice. I used the same equipment. The Winegard 76cm dish works perfectly with the SL-1 I get 99/94 in TN. The only time I have outages is during very heavy downpours. The locals don’t go out, though! With DirecTV, they went out first.
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    Orby Ota Guide request

    Mine does the same thing. We have a local UHF repeated on VHF here. I have a good signal on both.
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    OTA signal split to a 2nd OTA TV Only.

    I used a power passing 2300Mhz splitter from Amazon. I have three receivers on it.
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    If it’s free, that’s fine. DirecTV and Dish, (and OTA even) have loads of infomercial channels. I block them if I don’t want them.
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    It’s not on OTA here. I was wondering when they’d add another channel. I don’t watch news, I just read it online. Still, it will make a lot of people happy.
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    Did Another Self Install

    I set up a system at my mother-in-law’s house. She saw my setup and had been bugging me about it. She only watches a few channels and has been paying over $100/month for DirecTV. She got two receivers from Best Buy, and I got her a 76cm dish with a 2300 MHz splitter and diplexer from Amazon. I...
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    Orby TV created to help Dish Network and DirecTV merger?

    I stand corrected. DirecTV said they had launched their last satellite.
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    Orby TV created to help Dish Network and DirecTV merger?

    I thought it was because DirecTV and Dish are phasing out SD channels, and eventually, satellite signals altogether. That would leave a lot of remote areas begging for TV. Plus, the low price would be attractive in more developed areas, too.
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    Yet another...install question

    I did have the skew wrong. The dish arm was bent. I got a new dish and it works perfectly.