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    I set up a system at my mother-in-law’s house. She saw my setup and had been bugging me about it. She only watches a few channels and has been paying over $100/month for DirecTV.

    She got two receivers from Best Buy, and I got her a 76cm dish with a 2300 MHz splitter and diplexer from Amazon. I just disconnected the old Ku/Ka dish and used the same cable.

    I’m getting 84 SS/99 SQ even with all the splicing. She didn’t realize we had 50 or 60 locals. She gets all but the weakest, and her antenna is on her deck, only about 8 feet off the ground. She’s really happy with it.
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    Apr 6, 2018
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    I saw 1 YouTube Video of a woman flipping through channels so fast I could never see the quality of the picture. It looked good to me on her awful vertical phone video, but did not allow you enough time to really see what the SD channels looked like. Could you possibly do some photos of channels and channel "logos" like of the Science Channel, boomerang, Nick, ect.? The one photo I saw showed a very blurry "nicktoons" logo in bottom right corner of TV. A Lot of you more knowledgeable folks are not seeing the "really bad" PQ that some of the folks on Bestbuy are seeing. So do you mind doing some good photos of channels and their logos so I can get a good gauge of what some of you are seeing? I really do appreciate it. As a last thing, if the picture quality is not distracting at all then that should be the gauge for their "high quality" satellite correct? I.E. do you find some channels very hard to watch because you are distracted with poor PQ? Thanks again everyone, I hope this all makes sense.

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