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    Telstar5 (Intelsat5) - will 26" dish do it?

    I'm getting ready to get hooked up with Globecast TV for Setanta and some international programming (German and Polish). I have a 26" Dish ready and am also looking for a Free To Air receiver that will also work with Globecast TV card. Please help me choose the right IRD. Thank you
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    VOOM Channels on DVR510?

    I can not seem to find their channels on DVR510 why? You are paying for them and they still can be watched on SD TV. Why exclude them? Any workarounds?
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    offer from dish...this is better!!!!

    Well, I placed an order using the link and promo code and was charged $49.99 anyway. What a mess they have there ..
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    offer from dish...this is better!!!!

    I called in and they said it is OK. I'm pretty sure they will be some problems about that anyway.
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    offer from dish...this is better!!!!

    Can you get one HD and one DVR receiver instead of 2 HD's?
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    Just got email from Dish (Voom offer)

    Can you get one HD and one DVR receiver?
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    Anyone know what the real Dish/Voom deal is?

    I called in but they DO NOT waive the activation fee anymore (supposedly ended doing that on 04/30). Too bad as this would be a great deal!
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    Two Dish 942's for $250 upgrade fee?

    Ohhh, dual tuner! I get it now. Thanks for clarifying.
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    Two Dish 942's for $250 upgrade fee?

    I tried to price on the Dish Network site and that's what it says. Is that for real? I can get 2 of them for just ONE upgrade fee or is it for each?
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    3-Room HD w/ 942 Install question...

    Thanks, just wanted to see if there are any other deals out there.
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    3-Room HD w/ 942 Install question...

    shanewalker, may I ask how much you paid for that 942 and two 811?
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    Am I getting the BEST deal I can from Comcast???

    So far I got Digital Silver (all channels plus 1 premium package) with DVR/HDTV and HSI (High Speed Internet) for $79.99 for one year plus $100 cash towards the next 2 bills and $25 BestBuy gift card and free install. Total coming out to be $71.65/month (without gift card). Pretty good deal I...
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    Explain this????It's dated today

    :rolleyes: Don't forget to add other places east of them either :rolleyes: ;)
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    Full signals - still getting freezing, why?

    I have 5 channels in Little Rock I want to watch and tried CM4224 antenna with CM7777 preamp and spent seven hours but was not able to get all the channels at once. I have RS yagi antenna and decided to go with 2 antenna setup (our towers are in COMPLETE OPOSITE directions). I spent almost...