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    Trench cost question beyond 50 feet

    Haqve them lay the cable and trench it yourself with a spade beyond the 50ft.
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    Neighbor's distance? TV turning on by itself

    Cover the IR sensor with electrical tape and see, if it's still doing it, then the IR receiver module in TV is starting to fail.
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    Sci Fi Goes for Cool as Syfy New Name

    Exactly... can someone spell Video Hits One and countless others...
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    SpotBeams, Photo's-Maps. Where to find?

    SatBeams - Satellite Details - Ciel 2 - moving to destination (Ciel II)
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    Keep loosing channels on 118

    I know they might seem like a long shot but may be worth a shot... 1. Change your receivers so they do NOT use Port 1 on the DPP44. 2. Power and grounding: - Recheck the grounding for each dish and receiver - Use a small UPS (Belkin 350 or so) at the DPP44 and one of the receivers
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    Wing Dish 1000 w/I-adapter & DP single - Would this work?

    If results with 1000 dish are not satisfactory, you can use a 24" round. It has yielded excellent results for me. Google '24" antenna "D" type'. Good luck.
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    Sat 129 help

    24" From SC at 129W - Good Results slicked, Elevation for 129 is significantly lower than 110 and 119, which may play a role especially if ou have large tree branches in the line of site vicinity. 129W's weaker TPs are probably compounding the problem. I find it unlikely that a 1000.2...
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    What to do..want HD can't see 129 or 61

    Seattle HD Locals are on 110W/TP4 Reiterating a previous post... Seattle HD Locals are on 110W/TP4. Currently available are KOMO, KIRO and KING. KCPQ not available at this time. No need for either 61W or 129W unless you are seeking other channels.
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    SatelliteGuys.US Bell ExpressVU Uplink Activity Report - Week Ending 01/26/2008

    Could those be the DVR On Demand movies maybe where they donwload when in stand-by (at night) and then are available for purchse/viewving at your leisure?
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    HD PPV? E* has contract with whom?

    Transformers HD = Ch 531
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    Living in the northwest & 61.5

    Montana is fringe to deep fringe for 61W. You will most likely need a larger dish to receive 61W. Your best bet is to find someone close to your location pointing to 61W and get real-life advise on what will be needed to receive 61W reliably. If I were to take a stab at it, I'd have to...
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    Low signal from 110 sat

    Check your mounting pole for plumb on BOTH N/S and W/E axis, verify skew and elevation per tables provided and re-peak. I use TP2/12239MHz for first pass peak, then find the lowest signal TP on 119 and second pass peak. IMO, when you have your hardware plumb and the skew/elevation per tables...
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    Dish 1000 + switch options

    I'd strongly recommend the DPP44 due to power concerns and flexibility. if you intend to distribute the signal to more than 1 receiver, the DPP44 is the way to go. Worth every penny. For 1 receiver, you could alternatively use PASSIVE (non-powered) 4x1 diseqc and 22KHz switches if your...
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    Dp 44 switch

    What about 119W??? 3ABN is present on 61W and 129W. Typically you get 61W or 129W, especially if you need 118W in addition to 110/119. Otherwise it'd be a 5 orbital config...
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    Dish 1000 and 118

    118W uses circular polarity, how can you use a SuperDish LNB which is linear to pick up circular polarity signals efficiently? Also, you will need a larger reflector for 118W. Your best bet is to go with a D1000+.