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    Memory Problem C Band Dish setting

    Reed switch in the actuator motor #1. Slop in the gear train or motor/coupling. A wobbly or old, weak magnet that triggers the reed switch.
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    Can’t Find 58w or 55w

    A little later on slot 2 with my new openATV 7.0 install. Yeah. I know. It's a beta. But what the hay, bells and whistles running after a little trial and error...and coffee! Okay. So I have 58 zeroed in as strong as it gets. ASC-1 position stored. Bump the dish West until I get signal loss on...
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    Can’t Find 58w or 55w

    Oh...Waitaminnit! You're scanning Transponders? Whattabout scanning Channels instead?
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    Can’t Find 58w or 55w

    Yeah. Sometime you just have to start all over. An ultra fine Sharpie to mark known references both on the dish and LNBF mount. Point the dish straight up in the arc and make sure the lnb 0 degree reference is straight up and down and not skewed. Again, Dish Finder and horizon references (trees)...
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    Can’t Find 58w or 55w

    I was just seeding the idea of interpolating how many actuator encoder pulses it takes to move the dish 2 degrees through the arc. Instead of taking big jumps from.....99 to 58. Try to find and scan in 97, 95, 91, 89. Take notes of the stored values. Heck. I scan in everything. There might not...
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    Can’t Find 58w or 55w

    Tell me. How many counts do you have from 127 to 125 on your ASC-1? What is the difference? Then let's say from 103 to 101? And 101 to 99? We're trying to find the 2 degree incremental change from sats closer to the horizon versus those as the dish goes east towards the sky. Example I get almost...
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    Computer memory question

    "Today we'll go through booting and shutdown of the VMS mainframe and workstations in detail." .......because that's how long it took.
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    OTHER Actuator Sensor Issue

    Motor, gears are starting to puke. Run it up while you listen to it. What kind of actuator?
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    Any deals on HBO Max?

    I guess it doesn't hurt to ask. But you still get the same look like the Snap On guy gives you when you ask for a deal.
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    Windows 11

    Passwordless accounts these days are obsolete. On computers. TCP/IP printers or USB printers attached to routers that will accept them (Asus) are the way to go. You could certainly create an account on the other machines with your credentials and leave it stagnant. That's what I do. Networking...
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    Windows 11

    From another post here. Before installing Win 10 on a desktop first pull your NIC card (desktop) or disable networking hardware in UEFI (or BIOS on a laptop/desktop). Wa-la. No Microsoft account login prompt during install. Turn it back on later. Control Panel. View by: Small icons. Bang...
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    Windows 11

    I'm compelled to reply. In no situation has an upgrade ever been better than a wipe and format. Except in cases where drivers are discontinued for hardware. Since this is a Windows 11 subject, Microsoft will do what they want to. I can lay out many graphics cards, TV cards, Capture cards...etc...
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    Lenovo 900 thread.

    First thing I do with a Windows 10 install is disable the internal NIC and wifi before the process. Eliminates the stupid Microsoft Account thing all together. Then when the OS is installed and you reboot for the first time, jump into UEFI (or bios) and turn networking back on. But hey, if you...
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    waterproofing an LNB connection

    Yaaa.....Flex Seal. That's what I've used on F, N, PL connectors out in the elements for a few years now. Tighten the connector down to the last few threads. Give it a spritz. Tighten it down the rest of the way. Let it goo up. Give a another spray or two all around the connection and cable...
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    SES-3 & Horizontal Issues

    A trucker! The mainstay of commerce. For "shifts and giggles" try aiming your LNB lower towards dish center. To me it looks like it might be shooting more towards the logo than the dish center. It might explain why you're losing H signal strength. Mine did very well on both polarities.