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    change username?

    How do I change my username for this list? TIA.
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    AAD specials?

    Has anyone renewed their distant networks package from AAD recently? When I renewed my annual subscription last year they offered 13 months for the annual price. I will call and ask of course, but any heads-up from the forum would still be useful.
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    Multiple Dwelling Unit question

    The new young and ambitious associate director of the facility is actually having difficulty getting clarification about the nature of the contract. I suspect that it is a package contract along the line of what you suggest above, but I don't know. But thanks to everyone's comments, we now...
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    Multiple Dwelling Unit question

    Thanks to everyone, and especially Claude, for some very useful info. I will pass this on to management, although I now see that it is all more complicated than I realized. The assisted living facilty has some kind of contract with a tech provider, and this contract includes the satellite...
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    Multiple Dwelling Unit question

    Thanks for the informative replies. Management and maintenance have been given authorization to reboot and retune a receiver when it gets stuck, as happens on occasion like after a power spike. Is each receiver electronically authorized to receive only one channel? If they are set to receive...
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    Multiple Dwelling Unit question

    Mom lives in a retirement home and they have a rack of 311 receivers, each tuned to a specific DN channel. Each resident receives the 73 channel package on their TV. There is no STB, residents simply change channels like they would if they subscribed to analog cable. It is actually quite a...
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    The Outcasts

    I think it is very well done, and last week's episode was the best. Have all episodes been shown? I can't find it on the schedule.
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    Who does the reviews and star ratings for Dish?

    I use the star rating system and the movie descriptions all the time. As long as I modify my viewing based on my genre preferences, I find that the stars match my tastes quite well. My main complaint is that foreign language films are not specified as such.
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    Tudors on BBC America

    I recorded, but have not yet watched, the marathon of the Tudors this past weekend. I assume this was all of season 1. An episode is scheduled to be shown Wednesday night. Is this just a repeat of an episode that I recorded, or is it the first episode of a new season? TIA.
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    audio advertisements

    These advertisements in audio on the forum are really annoying. Is there a way to turn them off?
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    Dish 300 Single LNB Question

    As an alternative you could point a separate dish and LNB at 110.
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    Canadian - audit worries

    That makes sense. So surely there must be a way for these long term visitors to subscribe when in the USA even though they don't have a SSN. How do they do it?
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    It's Solar Outage Season!

    I am pointed at 119 only. I still get a picture during the drop in signal.
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    Canadian - audit worries

    I didn't realize that. OK, then, what about someone who is legally visitng the US (maybe a foreign professor on temporary leave in the USA, maybe someone who is in the US for a few months to help care for a parent, etc. Do these legal visitors get SSNs, and if not, are they precluded from...
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    Canadian - audit worries

    What does Dish and other companies that 'require' SSNs do about legal residents of the USA that don't have SSNs?